Breakneck Comedy Club

Breakneck Comedy Club
22-24 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AX
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Long-running Aberdeen comedy club finds a permanent home.

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7. Arthur.davids9 Feb 2010, 1:09am4 stars Breakneck Comedy Club Report

people the last 3 comments wer left in the space of 3 days, why does it not make sence that manzil doesnt even open for lunch pros.cas can you not understand manzil doesnt even open for lunch so u most have been drinking to much and went else where, the manzil staff are very freindly peolpe and the food is good quality but it is shocking to see some idiot can ruin a restaurants image just like that. the best things you can do is experiance it for yourself.

6. Pro.Cas22 Jan 2010, 5:26pm1 star Breakneck Comedy Club Report

I booked at Manzil restaurant in Aberdeen city , on a Sunday lunchtime.
The service was absolutely abysmal - we waited 20 mins for anyone to come and take a drinks order, and had to go up to actually ASK someone ourselves.
I asked for a kir (I pronounced it "keer") - the waiter at first did not understand what I wanted, and then as I explaine "white wine and cassis" he said "Oh, currrrr - I did not understand" - effectively ridiculing my pronunciation.
The food arrived half cold - the asparagus practically raw, and the steak itself the oddest looking fillet I have ever seen.
All around us, people were complaining about the service, one German couple sitting next to us pronounced it "the worst in Aberdeen" which I imagine takes some doing.
When you pay so much you expect your money's worth. I will not be returning and I don't imagine any of the people on the three tables around us will either.

oooooooooooooof bad restaurant

5. Fred J.18 Jan 2010, 4:25pm1 star Breakneck Comedy Club Report

I have been living in Aberdeen for almost 4 years and every time I wanted to have Indian food my friends never recommended Manzil Restaurant at King's Street! Rather recently, I have decided to experience Manzil myself and I wish if I have listened to my friends’ recommendation. It was seriously THE bad Indian restaurant I have ever been to. I am really disappointed with Manzil restaurant because (1) quality of food was horrible (2) customer service was unbelievably bad, and (3) hygienically was really bad (dirty table and table set). Therefor, I would not recommend Manzil restaurant for anyone.

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3. ashley simpson16 Feb 2009, 4:24pm Report

i will recomend the manzil restaurant to be 1st class service food is well but the service was the best i normally go to manzil branch in perth and it was the first time going to aberdeen branch and me and my husband really enjoyed the food and the service best curry i would recommend is chicken dopiaza really nice taste ..staff was really nice and polite

2. Dr James Miller12 Feb 2009, 5:55pm4 stars Breakneck Comedy Club Report

I will recomend Manzil to be the best curry house in aberdeen, we all at forresthill hospital r regulars there, The buffet r amazing due they have a large variety of dishes and starters wee here gve them a 8/10

1. Poor service and food12 Jan 2009, 11:08pm1 star Breakneck Comedy Club Report

I had the buffet. It was very poor. The food seemed old and tasted as though it had come from a jar. I hardly ate anything and told the manager that I wasn't happy. The manager was completely unsympathetic and told me that if I wanted fresh food I should have opted for the a la carte. I was not at all happy having forked out £14 for next to nothing.

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