20% off Devoted Pet Food — all-natural, grain-free food for cats & dogs

Save 20% on Devoted's all-natural, grain-free food for cats and dogs

Devoted make their pet food without any added grains whatsoever. Their cat, dog and puppy foods are made using the finest natural ingredients, including freshly prepared meats. This high-quality meat content combined with fresh fruit and vegetables offers your pet a nutritional and balanced diet.

Free from wheat, gluten, soya or dairy and with no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, Devoted pet food works in harmony with your pets’ natural digestive, energy and dietary needs.

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Best healthy dog food delivery service and trial packs

15 Apr 2020

Discounts codes for our favourite versatile dog food companies putting health, nutrition and the planet first

We call dogs 'Man's best friend' and for a very good reason. Now more than ever we depend on their cute support, lean on their energy and cheerfulness. Walking, playing and cuddling with them could mean the high point of our monoton lockdown days. So…

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