Save 10% on a #sas face mask — 3 layers, protective, charitable

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are required to wear a face mask in order to protect themselves and others. To avoid compromising the PPE supply chain, Edinburgh resident Hass began working on a solution and the #sasMASK by Screen and Shield was born.

Hass created high-quality, protective and affordable masks that also give back to communities and charities in need. For every reusable mask Screen and Shield sell, 10% of proceeds go to charities that support frontline workers.

#sasMASKs are:

+ Protective: providing three layers of respiratory containment
+ Reusable: machine washable up to 60 degrees
+ Audible: wearers can be clearly heard with minimal voice-muffle
+ Comfortable: lightweight and breathable, perfect for lengthy wear-time
+ Aesthetic: over 30 designs with fun kids options
+ Durable: made from high-quality materials
+ Socially Responsible: protects the community and the medical supply chains with 10% of sales going to charities that support frontline workers

Save 10% on a #sasMASK with the code THELIST. Choose from a selection of masks available in block colours, patterned designs, nude tones and more available in both adult and kid sizes. Bundle deals are also available.

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