Free razor handle with grüum shaving subscription — eco-conscious & convenient

grüum have squashed the notion of gender-specific products and instead provide exceptional razors and blades 'for everybody'. Simplicity, honesty and fairness in price are at the forefront of grüum's principles.

They are a plastic-neutral shaving brand that delivering blades as needed to razor plan subscribers for a convenient shaving experience that leaves skin smooth and cared for.

Subscribe to grüum and tailor your razor plan to your shaving routine and get a free razor handle with your first delivery. No discount code is necessary. Head to grüum, tailor your plan and choose your handle.

Be sure to check out their skincare range and make use of their free (yes, free!) razor recycling scheme whilst you're at it.

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UK customers only. One per customer when you sign up to their flexible blade subscription. Pause or cancel anytime.