Special offer: 10 beers for just £15 at Flavourly Craft Beer

Flavourly is the UK’s only personalised craft beer club recently voted by the Independent as the overall best beer club in 2016.

Their experts will build a personalised flavour profile around your preferences to help you discover beers that you will love, meaning you don’t have to wade through a bunch of beers you don’t like just to find that one new favourite brew. All tailored to your very own preferences and delivered directly to your desk or door each month for just £2 per bottle!

Flavourly works with small independent breweries, and handpick only the best beers available from brewers with the most pioneering and interesting brewing techniques – the boundary-pushing frontiersmen of the beer world.

Fancy a beer inspired by ancient monks? Or one aged in whiskey casks? They have got it all: pale ales to pilsners, fruit beers all the way to heavy stouts. Free yourself from the blank-faced conformity of the mainstream beer system.

We're giving List readers £5 off their first Flavourly craft beer box (usually £20) so that's 10 beers for just £15 plus free delivery!

To receive this special offer simply enter the code FLAVLIST15 at the checkout.

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