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Usual suspects Allan Stewart, Andy Gray and Grant Stott are all present and correct in the King's traditional hootenany.

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The King’s Panto is a Christmas tradition no family should miss!

Scotland’s most popular dame, Allan Stewart, is back in the greatest pantomime of them all! Andy Gray stars alongside as the lovable Buttons, and get ready to boo and hiss your favourite baddie, Grant Stott, who seems to have taken a shine to the high heels he wore in last year’s panto!

This year is chock-full of surprises along with the usual mix of hilarious antics from the gang. Tickets selling fast so BOOK NOW while there's still time to go to the ball!

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Cinderella (King's Theatre, Edinburgh)

8 Dec 20114 stars

Panto dream time Allan Stewart, Andy Gray, Grant Stott and Paul Elliot strike gold once again

The great strength of the King’s panto, year upon year, is its ability to hook audiences of all ages and tastes. The script, co-written by Paul Elliott and everyone’s favourite dame, Allan Stewart, features great dollops of slapstick and toilet humour…

Hitlist - Theatre

8 Jan 2009

● Sub Rosa Maverick theatre-maker David Leddy conducts audiences through the backstage spaces of the Citz in this Victorian promenade show. Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Mon 19–Sat 31 Jan. ● Cinderella Last chance to see the dream team of Gerard…


11 Dec 20084 stars

SEASONAL FAVOURITE Man-hungry Ugly Sisters making fart gags? Check. Drippingly wet Cinderella and Prince upstaged by every other member of cast? Check. Carriage pulled by Shetland ponies? Check. Gerard Kelly in capri pants? Check. Obligatory ‘haunted…


27 Nov 2008

Earlier this year, I took a trip to Scarborough to check out the headquarters of the Qdos Entertainment empire. This is the organisation responsible for 21 pantomimes in the UK alone, not to mention a handful of theatres, a couple of talent agencies…

Dame on: Pantomimes in Scotland 2008

13 Nov 2008

There’s been something of a shift in the pantomime world over the last few years. Traditional pantos – innuendo-laden fairy tales replete with dame and a couple of faces off the telly – are still going strong, but increasingly, theatres have begun to…

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1. dcuk98 Dec 2008, 11:08pm3 stars Cinderella Report

I am pleased to say that I enjoyed my visit to this years panto at the King's, Cinderella.

The good elements included excellent lighting and effects, good choice in music, good acting, good humor, and some good routines.

Bad points, it is not anything terribly new for the King's. Most of the jokes and routines have all been done recently. For those of us who regularly visit the King's panto, we've heard it all and seen it all before. Also, having Karen Dunbar, who is excellent, playing both fairy godmother and wicked stepmother doesn't really work. She takes to both roles well, but for me, the two characters are opposites and cannot be played by the same person. Its confusing for the kids anyway.

If you have not seen a King's panto recently, or at all, then do go. It will be an enjoyable evening and will appear fresh. If you are a regular, except much of the same, but it is up to the standard, which is more than can be said for last years!

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