The Giant's Loo Roll (3 stars)

‘Oh Fe Fi Fo, And Fe Fi Fum! Now what shall I do to wipe my…’ Look out for the biggest loo roll ever on stage in this giant children’s musical.

The villagers living in the town below the Giant’s house had better watch out, that loo roll has gone bouncing down the hill and straight towards them! Luckily, the townsfolk find lots of uses for runaway loo paper – one sheet provides a huge canvas for an artist, a tailor uses another to fill her shop with paper pants and a school class makes a huge dart that can fly.

But what about the Giant himself – doesn’t he need any loo paper? The townspeople have an answer for that, too!

Featuring the perfect combination of witty humour, fantastic music and a touch of sparkle, this fabulously funny and brilliantly bouncy musical adaptation of Nicholas Allan’s much loved book.

Suitable for ages 3–11.

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The Giant's Loo Roll

16 Aug 20163 stars

Highly visual and fun show featuring the largest loo roll in town

One day the Giant drops his toilet roll and it bounces down to earth, and when the makers of this show say we'll be seeing a giant loo roll, that's exactly what we get. An enormous inflatable loo roll, bigger than any of the cast, which is rolled and…

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