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Emma Packer's one-woman show about a young girl who refuses to conform in this controlling world.

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Emma Packer

Why can’t people for once, NOT act the clichés they are? Meet Amy Jones, 25 from Brixton. A diamond in the rough with a passion for politics, The Spice Girls and Bruce Forsyth! Amy is a non-conformist in a controlled world. She says what everyone else thinks but dare not say. In this brand new show, actor, comedian and writer Emma Packer presents a powerfully moving coming of age story about an impoverished girl who overcomes all odds to succeed in a world that wasn’t made for her.

CTRL+ALT+DELETE is an Intelligent, hard hitting, incisive satire about the political establishment, the press and the police from the perspective of a young Brixton girl who is caught up in the London riots. It combines pathos and humour and a message that demands to be heard. This show is candid, current and utterly compelling.

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10 Aug 20142 stars

Stultifying and unedifying political performance poetry narrative

Amy Jones is a spunky white girl growing up in South London with pictures of Nelson Mandela and the Spice Girls in her bedroom. We discover this through the medium of student night poetry slam, home video and, in case we miss the point, a Spice Girls…


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