Worldwise: Perfection?

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A gritty dance show exploring the universal theme of body image.

You may look in the mirror and see a disgusting, fat slob.
You may look in the mirror and see your youth slip away.
You may look in the mirror and see an alien.
You may look in the mirror and see God.

Take any eight people, no matter their age, sex or status, and it’s a fair bet to say they will have an issue with their body. No one's perfect, after all. But what is perfection? And how has its definition changed over time? Can we ever reach it? Should we even try?

These questions are at the heart of Perfection?, a gritty dance show that seeks to explore the universal theme of body image. Using a mix of contemporary dance, physical theatre and music, and covering a range of body issues, from anorexia to baldness, Perfection? is a moving and entertaining look into how we see ourselves, and the influence that external forces have on these impressions. Through fantasies, songs and reminiscences, we enter the minds of eight characters and pose the question, 'How do you see yourself?'

Perfection? is the debut show from the Worldwise Dance Company, founded by Jade Mona Doig in 2011. Worldwise aims to give performance opportunities to dancers, actors, singers, writers, and composers looking to gain more experience, and welcomes talented first-timers as well as seasoned artists. The company is particularly interested in dealing with modern issues, and hopes to raise awareness and inspire debate – all in the name of positive change. Further to this end, the company has a nondiscriminatory ethos, and strongly believes in promoting talent regardless of shape or size.

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