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Counterflows marries the local to the international with artists from around the world collaborating with homegrown talent in spaces across Glasgow.

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Counterflows 2015: interview with featured artist Noura Mint Seymali

19 Mar 2015

The mauritanian desert-rock singer talks influences, griot traditions and her latest album Tzenni

Glasgow's annual music bacchanal, the global / alternative weekend festival Counterflows, has been zig-zagging geographic boundaries, remapping cultural ones, and revelling in subterranean sonic fun since 2012.

Sacred Paws chat Sleater-Kinney and the legacy of 90s feminist-punk

20 Feb 2015

After a decade-long wait, devotees are being inspired all over again

Yes, of course it was thrilling when David Bowie dropped an album out of nowhere. And granted, Aphex Twin delighted with his blimps and his cryptic new LP campaign. But Sleater-Kinney knocked these dudes for six when they hid a brand new single – their…

The Space Lady, Ela Orleans and Heatsick among the highlights on Counterflows 2014

24 Mar 2014

Joe McPhee, Ghedalia Tazartes and Maya Dunietz will also appear at the experimental music festival

Gallivanting through the musical cosmos, Counterflows returns with a stellar line-up of free jazz, avant-pop and unclassifiable sonic adventurism. For the first time, the festival has a ‘featured artist’ – legendary saxophonist and trumpeter Joe McPhee…

Counterflows Festival introduces some premier experimental and folk acts

27 Mar 2012

Held across Glasgow, London and Berlin, Counterflows is a glorious stramash of experimental songwriting, clamorous avant-rock, and absurdist improv. In bringing Japan’s great Kazuki Tomokawa to Europe, the organisers have pulled off a real coup. A…

Preview of 2012 - The best events this year

9 Jan 2012

Featuring the Cultural Olympiad, The Dark Knight Rises, WU LYF, Glasgow International and more

It’s 2012, but fear not, things aren’t as bad as they seem. Before you decide to occupy government property, or smash a brick through Dixons, take heart in the folklore of a simpler age. For when times are black, you can always rely on the comfort of…

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