Father's Day at The Small Beer Brewery

Celebrate Father's Day by trying your hand at blacksmithing, or through pairings of oysters and beer if you're not the crafty type.

Father's Day at The Small Beer Brewery

As pioneers of new brewing methodology – where production focuses on world class flavour over pure alcohol creation, whilst remaining true to the traditional brewing craft – this Father’s Day Small Beer Brew Co. are celebrating an unmissable fusion of flavour & craftmanship.

Partnering with the fantastic Kingdom Forge Blacksmiths in the heart of the Small Beer Brewery, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at the age old craft of blacksmithing. However, if you prefer shucking to hammering, you can indulge in a flavourful journey of historic oyster & beer pairings with Covent Garden's famous Oystermen. Put your taste buds to the test and see if you really can distinguish your Lindisfarne from your Irish!

Guests on the day will be invited to hand forge their very own bottle opener to take home, before heading over to the taproom to enjoy beers that bring all the enjoyment without the slow down. Each Forging Workshop will be followed by an exclusive oyster and beer pairing with the acclaimed Oystermen, Matt and Rob. Notorious for their ambitious ingredients and big flavour, the Oystermen have designed a dressed oyster menu to perfectly pair with each of the Small Beer Lager, Dark Lager, Steam and the freshly launched Session Pale.

Held at the world’s first brewery to specialise exclusively in the production of classic beer styles below 2.8%, the event is inspired by the team at the Small Beer Brewery, a number of whom are father's themselves.

Co-founder James Grundy – a father himself - discusses how small beer fits into his life, “For me becoming a father didn't mean an end to a social life or stopping seeing friends, in fact it continued being an opportunity to socialise over a beer - and I love great beer! It did sometimes mean catching them at home or around certain sleep times, and it definitely meant being a bit more mindful of what I was drinking. For all of us there will likely have been a time where we've over-indulged, and known about it as we struggle through the following day. However running a business takes a lot of me, and the time with my daughter is precious, I definitely don't want to be hungover during it. That's why Small Beer is perfect, I can indulge in world class beer the night before whether that be with family or friends, but at 1 & 2% still be up bright-eyed with her the following morning.”

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