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Adam Stafford - Build a Harbour Immediately

16 Aug 20114 stars

Debut soloalbum from Y’All Is Fantasy Island frontman

(Wise Blood Industries) Falkirk’s Adam Stafford is a youthful cult-pop polymath whose various endeavours embrace music (he fronted Y’All Is Fantasy Island and helms DIY imprint Wise Blood Industries), video directing (The Twilight Sad’s ‘Seven Years…

Labels of Love: Wise Blood Industries

16 Sep 2010

In The List’s conception of utopia, every good record label is inspired by shrunken cadavers and cardinal sin. In the real world, there is only one – Glasgow’s fearless Wise Blood Industries – named after Flannery O’Connor’s great American novel, and…

The Shutdown

20 Jan 2010

Director Adam Stafford and writer Alan Bissett’s award-winning short (pictured) about life, family and loss at the edge of the Grangemouth petrochemical plant screening at the beautifully refurbished Hippodrome. The evening will also include novelist…

The Hot 100 2009

18 Dec 2009

Compiled by List staff through a painstaking process of review and debate, the Hot 100 is the comprehensive list of Scottish creative talent, covering both individuals and organisations who’ve made a standout contribution to culture in 2009. This year’s…

The full line-up and running order for Hinterland 2009

1 Apr 2009

Hinterland is a brand new music event coming to Glasgow from 30 April - 1 May. Over 100 bands and artists will invade 15 city centre venues showcasing the best new music from Scotland and beyond. One all access ticket allows entry to all events plus a…

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Exposure: Ya’ll is Fantasy Island

22 Jan 2009

When something ends a void is left, waiting for something new. So it was that when Chuck Norris Machine ended back in 2005, Ya’ll is Fantasy Island rose from it’s ashes. Headed up by Adam Stafford, the band is made up of Tommy Blair (Guitarist), Steven…

Y'all is Fantasy Island - No Ceremony

11 Dec 20085 stars

ALTERNATIVE POST-ROCK From the deepest darkest depths of Falkirk (and Glasgow), singer-songwriter Adam Stafford and his fine band of musicians unleash their third excellent, self-financed album. Marking a significant change of direction (actually…

Errors @ Duty Free

19 Jun 2008

ACID POP Sick Note @ Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Thu 26 Jun Sunlight, oxygen, small blue pens from Argos... it’s true that all the very best things in life are gratis. Add to that list the selection of no cost delights that is Duty Free, Cabaret…

Y'all is Fantasy Island - Rescue Weekend

5 Jun 20084 stars

ALT.FOLK (Wise Blood Industries) On stage this Falkirk four-piece may remain capricious in tone and temperament but by first impressions this follow-up to the stark In Faceless Towns Forever could easily be dismissed as more of the same. The…

Winter's Love

13 Dec 2007

‘The idea for the Winter’s Love festival was primarily inspired by the Fence Homegame,’ says curator Adam Stafford. ‘I’ve never been to it but have always admired the way they bring together all these local, and international bands together and have…

Y'all is Fantasy Island

2 Oct 20063 stars

This Is Music@Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Wed 2

POST ROCK Falkirk can’t be the cheeriest of places. Arab Strap have forged a ten-year career from gloomy tales of Stirlingshire life. Fellow residents Y’All is Fantasy Island are following a similar course, knocking out tunes with titles as sunny in…