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Futureproof 2011: New photography in Scotland

24 Aug 20114 stars

Cross section of work by recent graduates

As the third in a series of exhibitions initiated by Street Level Gallery, Futureproof profiles a cross section of work by graduates from the five Scottish university photography departments. The pictures on show are taken by nimble-fingered light…

Early Relativity: Karen Cunningham and Zara Idelson

16 Aug 20114 stars

Good pairing of Glasgow-based artists

Every year for their summer show The Duchy pairs a recent graduate with a more established artist. This year Glasgow School of Art graduate Zara Idelson shows paintings and interventions alongside the work of Glasgow-based Karen…

First of the Summer Wine

10 Aug 20113 stars

Group show featuring Joan Eardley, Vanessa Bell, George Leslie Hunter and Donald Clark

Now at their new location on West Regent Street, Cyril Gerber’s annual summer show, First of the Summer Wine, is full of variety, placing artists from different generations alongside one another. A mix of modern British and Scottish masters includes…

Urs Fischer and Georg Herold

3 Aug 20113 stars

Sculpture exhibiition examining the art-making process

On a red divan a reclining nude has settled into a classical pose. She appears completely still, her milk white skin wraps serenely around her hyper-real body, her glassy blue eyes complete the life like sculpture. Upon closer inspection the rise and…

Gina Glover – Playgrounds of War

3 Aug 20114 stars

Evocative photography exhibition concerning militarized landscapes

A small child kitted out in wellies and a windbreaker stands with her hands covering her ears between large truck tracks in a desolate, barren, concrete landscape. This black and white photograph forms part of a 1980s series that shows the artist’s…

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Breaking the Renaissance Code

21 Jul 20114 stars

Exhibition exploring emblems, taking place at The Hunterian Gallery, Glasgow, until Tue 4 Oct

Depending on whether you are a critic or an avid fan of the bestselling Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown both heralded and slew the art of emblematic thinking. This small yet punchy exhibition puts examples of Dürer, Rembrandt and Holbein’s use of symbolic…

You Seem The Same As Always

23 Jun 20114 stars

Group show of work based on the human hand

In 1966 Yvonne Rainer made her first film, ‘Hand Movie’, while her body was confined to a hospital bed and unable to dance. She used only her right hand, each finger itself a performer moving gracefully. Since then a number of artists have captured the…

Michelle Hannah: Who Wants to Live Forever

14 Jun 2011

Prints and paintings based on Highlander film and Queen soundtrack

Can God create a rock so heavy that even God himself cannot lift it? If so, then the rock is now unliftable, limiting God’s power. But if not, then God is not omnipotent because he cannot create that rock. The work of Michelle Hannah is concerned…

Martin Boyce: Night terrace – lantern chains – forgotten seas – sky

27 May 20114 stars

Sculpture exhibition from the Glasgow-based Turner Prize nominee

Triggered by fragments of colliding locations, a set of objects and textures in low light convey a dislocated landscape. Rust drips down like tears of blood from obsolete steel park benches. Table top surfaces and hanging wall panels are covered with…

Victoria Clare Bernie: Slow Water

27 May 20113 stars

Scottish landscape photography exhibition by the Edinburgh-based artist

A scientific orderliness contains Slow Water. Photographs, videos, digital drawings and animation made during a residency post at the Scottish Association for Marine Science Research Laboratory based near Oban are meticulously placed in contrast to the…

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Ulla von Brandenburg: Neue Alte Welt review

20 Apr 20114 stars

The German artist's 'Chorspiel' provides a mesmerising centrepiece to this exhibition

German artist Ulla von Brandenburg’s exhibition Neue Alte Welt (New Old World) consists of three parts: a short film, a wall painting of a theatre hall, and a collection of objects that act as theatrical props. ‘Chorspiel’ is part-opera…

Grier Edmundson's ‘Sometimes I am content’ is an effective combination of print and sculpture

13 Apr 20114 stars

There’s a new gallery in town. Located on Dixon Street, and overlooking the Clyde, Kendall Koppe’s gallery is situated in a beautifully converted space. The renovation acknowledges some of the interior’s original features in contrast to its sleek new…

The Inventors of Tradition profiles traditional garments and social histories

26 Jan 20114 stars

Exhibition charts history of textile industry in Scotland

That ubiquitous ‘Scotland with Style’ byline invented by city marketing in Glasgow gets renewed historical validation in this exhibition that is many things woven into one. Inventors of Tradition is an archival show of the Scottish textiles industry…

Dirk Bell - Powerful exhibition plays with imagery of magick and mysticism

26 Jan 20114 stars

Works invoke old-fashioned ideas of belief systems, ritual, myth and healing

There is something otherworldly about the energy that Dirk Bell has conjured up in this space: a droning sound reverberates, the inorganic steel structures are sanded down to a holographic shine, and devoid of human presence, technology will sustain…

Rosemarie Trockel exhibition set for Edinburgh's Talbot Rice gallery

14 Jan 2011

Major show from influential German contemporary of Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger and Cindy Sherman

Rosemarie Trockel’s creative output is as diverse as it is prolific. She is a highly regarded visual artist whose work has been showcased around the globe. In earlier years she teamed up with fellow feminist voices in Cologne to establish a…

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Christine Borland's Cast From Nature culminates in a recasting of a 19th century sculpture

10 Jan 2011

Talitha Kotzé attends a public casting session

Talitha Kotzé attends a public casting session by Christine Borland and talks to the sculptor about her new show, which culminates in a recasting of a 19th century sculpture What viewers can watch here from an anatomy theatre-like CCTV room is the…

Common Guild showcases a selection of works by English artist Tacita Dean

3 Jan 20114 stars

YBA-associated artist's recent work is a splice of German and British cultures

In a superbly attractive autumnal exhibition, The Common Guild is showcasing a selection of works by English artist Tacita Dean. Though associated with the generation of YBAs, and once nominated for the Turner Prize, Dean’s practice is of a different…

Revealing the Invisible: The Art of Stansfield / Hooykaas from Different Perspectives

3 Jan 20114 stars

Time-based work of the late Scottish artist and her Dutch collaborator

The time-based work of the late Scottish artist Elsa Stansfield and her Dutch collaborator Madelon Hooykaas oscillates between the terrains of the arts and sciences. In an overview of their practice, with works spanning three decades, the CCA showcases…

Interference with Twigs

22 Dec 20104 stars

Finely executed exhibition brings together work spanning world and generations

Like a casting of the runes, Interference with Twigs brings together the work of artists from four corners of the world across two generations to weave together new interpretations and enter into dialogue like old friends in this finely executed…

Glasgow artist collective The Mutual showcases work

16 Dec 20104 stars

Calum Thom, Tawny Kerr, Ralph Mackenzie and Richard Davies

The Mutual artist collective was formed in 2009 by four Glasgow School of Art Fine Art graduates in an attempt to stave off postgraduate malaise. Two years later, with a 200-strong member base, they have invited their artists to participate in a…

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Interference with Twigs shows work from four artists

16 Dec 20104 stars

Audrey Capel Doray, Hanna Sandin, Nicolas Party and Lotte Gertz

Like a casting of the runes, Interference with Twigs brings together the work of artists from four corners of the world across two generations to weave together new interpretations and enter into dialogue like old friends in this finely executed…

Bobby Niven: Hermit’s Castle, Chez Galip

23 Nov 20104 stars

Glasgow-based artist's film diptych with pitch perfect cinematic aesthetic

Film diptych Hermit’s Castle and Chez Galip brings together two geologically extreme landscapes in which two characters, an architect in Scotland and a potter in Turkey, have erected idiosyncratic structures. Hermit’s Castle journeys to cold, austere…

Lydia Corry and Caroline Walker: Love is an Ocular Sickness

23 Nov 2010

Different approaches to exploring history of representing woman

The symptoms of mental illness have often been used to describe the state of being in love. Plato discussed love as a serious mental disease. Lydia Corry and Caroline Walker established the concept of their show by rummaging through his writings on love…

Die Antwoord - SWG3, Glasgow, 12 Nov 2010

22 Nov 20104 stars

Doing for post-apartheid South African underclass what punk did for UK guttersnipes

With their fresh new Zef style, South African rap-rave crew Die Antwoord performed a high energy, jam-packed line up of catchy rap, indecent exposure and 'next-level-beats' from their debut album $O$. A crowd of expat South Africans, indie kids and…

Blue and Silver: Whistler and the Thames

15 Nov 20104 stars

Superbly executed exhibition documents London in the 1860s

This superbly executed exhibition builds a narrative around a major work in James McNeill Whistler’s oeuvre. ‘Blue and Silver’ depicts the old Battersea Bridge as it stands tall against the ethereal night-time skyline of the river. Brush strokes of a…