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Live review: Nick Cave, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sun 26 Apr 2015

27 Apr 20154 stars

'As raucous, tender, carnal and dramatic as a Cave show should be . . . full of unexpected treats'

Nick Cave’s accompanists for the night (they’re not billed as Bad Seeds, despite being to all intents and purposes exactly that) arrive on stage ahead of him and strike up the bass rumble of ‘Water’s Edge’. Then, as the man himself struts on, there’s a…

Peter Broderick – Colours of the Night

9 Apr 20153 stars

An album full of lovely cabin folk from the multi-instrumentalist

Accepting obscure invitations from Europeans has tended to pay off well for Peter Broderick, not least that time when he was 20 and Danish band Efterklang invited him to move to Copenhagen and join their band. Just like that. Since then he’s ticked…

Andrew Doyle: Zero Tolerance

11 Aug 20143 stars

Highly amusing Edinburgh Fringe show about raw heartbreak eventually becomes easy to pre-empt

Hell hath no fury like Andrew Doyle dumped. Applying his typical cruel wit to the thoughts a recent break-up has left him with, he doesn’t just thoroughly shred his ex with that sharp tongue, it’s people who talk on trains, homophobes, children, readers…

Angus Dunican: The Great Indoors

3 Aug 20142 stars

A likeable, sweet personality can't save this predictable Free Fringe performance

It would be hard to leave this show without really liking Angus Dunican. He’s the guy you want in your friendship group, livening up social gatherings with his self-deprecating tales of whimsy and woe. But pub anecdotes is about as far as The Great…

How to have a perfect wedding without blowing the budget

24 Feb 2014

Knot & Pop and The Stitchery are just two organisations helping people have inexpensive weddings

For the blissfully engaged but not blinded by love, avoiding the traditional frillfest wedding is, thankfully, getting easier. The internet contains endless blogs and image-sharing sites full of inspiration, so instead of throwing in your lot with an…

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Singles and EPs – February 2015

10 Feb 2015

Featuring Aphex Twin, Claude Speeed, Idlewild and Shield Patterns

Does what it says on the tin, this one – serial bamboozler Richard D James has rigged up a room full of keys and percussion to be played via computer, and produced an EP of 13 typically obscure sketches. Far from the chin-scratching, fans-only affair…

The Son(s) –The Things I Love Are Not At Home

10 Nov 20144 stars

'Simple folky melodies surrounded by lush layers of varied, often cinematic sounds'

The Son(s) is a mysterious outfit – apparently the solo continuation of what was a three-piece band (hence that awkwardly un-Googleable moniker), details about the people involved are scant. But, in a way, that only adds to the sense that this lush…

Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World

28 Aug 20143 stars

Canadian dance-punk duo release second album with mixed results

It’s hard to work out Death from Above 1979’s reasons for putting out The Physical World: they’ve talked in interviews about the constant nagging from fans and the press, but denied they’re doing it for them; they’ve said it’ll allow them to play live…

Hennessy and Friends: Murmurs

10 Aug 20142 stars

Childish, rough, and repetitive material from critically lauded group

In all aspects but the energy of its eponymous frontwoman, this is an extremely weak showing from the critically lauded Hennessy (Miranda) and Friends (David Seymour and Steven Shapland). Unrecognisable from their poster quotes and past reviews (they…

Minor Delays

10 Aug 20143 stars

Well-constructed Fringe show from young act specializing in stripped-back sketch comedy

A recent past of endless student revues is evident with the on-stage ease and well-honed timing of former Cambridge Footlighters Harry Michell (last seen in 2013’s breakneck costume-change belter Dressing Down) and Abi Tedder plus their Leeds Tealights…

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Don't Worry Guys it's Sarah Campbell

7 Aug 20143 stars

An Edinburgh Festival Fringe comedy show with plentiful, if not constant, screwy, hilarious moments

Sarah Campbell has a lot of worries – they’re far better developed than your average set of neuroses, and they range from the quotidian to the existential. While the former can be predictable, among the latter sort are fears about the emptiness of…

Sheeps: Wembley Previews

7 Aug 20144 stars

A heady mixture of the silly and the cerebral at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Watch too much sketch comedy and it can start to feel like a tired format. Until, that is, you watch a group that does something so original and so thoroughly hilarious that your faith is once more restored. Sheeps are that group. If the conceit of this…

Will Mars: As Good as my Audience

7 Aug 20142 stars

Ropey Edinburgh Festival Fringe show fails due to moany patter, not unpopular opinions

Will Mars is pretty open about his opinions, and they’re opinions he’s aware will make him unpopular. In fact, he makes a feature of being a dickhead (his word, not ours). Having awkwardly – and somewhat pleadingly – acknowledged the presence of a…

Bren and Jenny: Hello

4 Aug 20143 stars

Brendan Murphy and Jenny Bede present a fun, spirited chat-show parody at the Edinburgh Fringe

Brendan Murphy and Jenny Bede morph into troubled hosts of ‘the longest running daytime chat show in history’ plus all their equally dysfunctional crew and guests for this hour of loosely linked sketches and songs. Raggedy in a likeable way, ‘The Hello…

Guilt and Shame: Going Straight

4 Aug 20143 stars

A pacy and gleefully silly character show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A mildly cheesy story about friendship and learning to love yourself is at the heart of this pacy and gleefully silly character show. But it’s more than that: Gabe and Rob have a point to make about sexuality, machismo and intolerance, although they’re…

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Owl John - Owl John

15 Jul 20144 stars

Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson favours folky atmospherics over indie-rock hooks in solo outing

Forget whisky and genealogy website subscriptions. Some would argue that Scotland’s most successful transatlantic export consists of rollicking indie-folk tunes, a few beards and just enough heavily accented curse words to make the Americans blush.

Remember Remember - Forgetting the Present

11 Jun 20143 stars

Graeme Ronald's twinkly post-rock songs remain light, airy & full of momentum, but lack originality

Three years and countless live shows since The Quickening, Graeme Ronald’s Remember Remember has settled into a six-piece formation, with twinkly glockenspiels and soaring synths to the fore on contradictory third record, Forgetting the Present. As the…

Elbow - The Hydro, Glasgow, Sun 6 Apr 2014

2 May 20142 stars

The odd moment of intimacy can't save an indistinct and unremarkable performance devoid of subtlety

Surprisingly, perhaps, for those who remember the days when Elbow were (unjustly) a byword for indie mediocrity, plodding along with minimal recognition except when being mocked for their daft name, Guy Garvey is these days quite the showman. If he’s…

Goldfrapp - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 4 Apr 2014

2 May 20144 stars

The grown up popstar performs a varied set with a constant mixing and balancing of moods

Alison Goldfrapp has some very, very loyal fans. As Britten’s Peter and the Wolf fades out, she trips on stage to excitable screams and cries of ‘we love you Alison’ that emanate somewhat unexpectedly from a crowd that is more than just greying round…

Metronomy - O2 ABC, Glasgow, Wed 19 Mar 2014

25 Mar 20143 stars

A few bum notes can't stop Joe Mount and co achieving the dreamy, the euphoric and the bittersweet

Try to create the perfect pop machine and you might come up with something not too far from Metronomy. But how to make this precision instrument perform live, with all the character and spirit required of a gig? As the very name suggests, Metronomy’s…

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Cass McCombs - CCA, Glasgow, Thu 9 Jan

17 Jan 20143 stars

Perfect mix of cynical comment, spiritual profundity and evocative twang of great American beyond

Cass McCombs’ records are full of a road-worn, vaguely spiritual-mystical wisdom that fits with his near 20-year history as an itinerant musician. On stage at the CCA, he cuts a far less mature-seeming figure. There’s something of that other…

Glasser – Interiors

30 Sep 20134 stars

Cameron Mesirow's second album is finely balanced between assuredness and vulnerability

This is Cameron Mesirow aka Glasser’s sophomore full-length release, following 2010’s masterfully mesmeric Ring, an album which presented a seemingly fully-formed young artist, already able to combine true originality with a beguiling and listenable…

Neon Neon - Òran Mór, Glasgow, Wed 11 Sep 2013

25 Sep 20132 stars

Gruff Rhys and Boom Bip's live collaboration shows great potential but contains too many weak links

Gruff Rhys claims that not enough songs have been written about how left-wing Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli smuggled the manuscript for Doctor Zhivago out of the Soviet Union and then hid it under his mattress while he went clubbing in…

Haim - Days Are Gone

18 Sep 20133 stars

Long-awaited debut of well-crafted R&B-tinged West-coast pop stands up to comparison with influence

It feels like Haim have been around a while: following a build-up of hype late last year, they topped the BBC’s Sound Of 2013 poll. But that notoriously non-prescient accolade (The Bravery, anyone?) marked a new chapter in an already long musical…

Spotify playlist: Autumn 2013

6 Sep 2013

Music for an autumn spent reading, watching the rain and going to gigs

‘Grey Geisha’ - Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin. A visit from the East in the form of sweeping instrumental electronic music. Hecker teams up with the man behind Oneohtrix Point Never to create a tactile and ethereal mix of shifting static and blurry melody.