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Evolve launch with Rhona Cameron

18 Aug 2010

Edinburgh social networking event for gay professional ladies

Come along and help to launch Evolve, a new regular social networking event for gay professional ladies and their friends. Stand-up comedian and author Rhona Cameron will be in attendance to assist with the celebrations. Revolution, Chambers Street…


18 Aug 20104 stars

Relentlessly bleak, necessary drama about sex trafficking

Given that the 12 or so people on the bus from the Traverse presumably know what the play we’re going to see is about, there’s something terrible about the way we indulge the Nigerian teenager who just happens to have boarded the bus with us, asking…

Havers and Blethers brings new spoken-word show to Edinburgh

16 Aug 2010

Daily show features writers, poets, actors and musicians

One of the great things about this time of year is the number of off-Fringe festivals that spring up, like this daily spoken-word-based show, hosted by Kirsty-Jacqueline Lingard and featuring writers, poets, actors and musicians performing short…

RM Hubbert and The Parsonage among highlights of Sonic Soak

15 Aug 2010

Weekend festival of music and art in Govanhill Baths

From the echoing caverns of the now-disused Govanhill Baths, sound and art collective 85A have curated a weekend festival of music, installation, cinema and fancy dress: although there’s no water in the pool, patrons are expected to come in swimwear or…


14 Aug 20104 stars

Joyous fun with Portuguese drums

As the huge white screen they’ve been playing behind in silhouette collapses to reveal what appears to be a junkyard full of cavorting, hunky (and fairly well-scrubbed) crusties, the tone is set for an hour of shambolic play. Switching fairly…

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Tales From The Blackjack

14 Aug 20102 stars

Following three people’s descent into addiction

There’s a moving story to be told about how compulsive gambling ruins people’s lives, but this one-man show, told by the croupier of a casino and following three people’s descent into addiction, isn’t it. Despite a powerhouse (if at times slightly…

Glasgow walk encourages critical engagement with centre

14 Aug 2010

Guided walk of city explores use of urban space

The skyscraper-crammed stretch of city centre basking in the title Glasgow’s International Financial Services District is a strange place at the best of times. During the day, the tower blocks are full of call-centre workers; at night the street corners…


14 Aug 20103 stars

Works, and dancers, in progress

Collisions Dance Company are on the cusp. They’re young enough – as a company and individuals – that they haven’t quite found their own style yet, but they’re also talented enough that watching even an uneven collection of small pieces like this feels…

The Regretrospective

14 Aug 20103 stars

The tiger who came to tea with his ex-lover, the horse

Under ‘experiences that could only happen at the Fringe’, chalk up ‘watching a woman wearing a horse’s head use flamenco to seduce her ex-lover, a large cuddly toy tiger, in a bedsit, to a trip hop soundtrack’. And yet, bizarrely, dancer and multimedia…


13 Aug 20105 stars

One man stares down several abysses

Ezra LeBank is one of those people who it might genuinely be pretty entertaining to watch reading a phonebook: his voice is musical, finely-timbred, and he uses it like an instrument, and his physicality is awesomely controlled: muscles don’t move on…

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Like You Were Before

13 Aug 20104 stars

Home movies and movies about home

Walking in off a dark, rainy Marchmont street to the dimly-lit cinematic wonderland of Alphabet Video after hours, the stage is already set for cosy personal revelation. Debbie Pearson, Canadian emigrée, and former Alphabet employee-turned playwright…

My Hamlet with Linda Marlowe

13 Aug 20104 stars

That’s the way to be or not to be

This reinterpretation of Hamlet is interesting on several levels beyond the marketing tagline (‘Linda Marlowe does Hamlet! With puppets!). Yes, it’s essentially a one-person show, with Marlowe doing all the voices, but then perhaps there’s an argument…


12 Aug 20103 stars

Uneven play about a succession of couples packs a powerful punch

Two frantic, versatile actors play a succession of straight couples – in love, in hate, in cynicism – who come into a pub in the north of England. Through it all runs the relationship of the landlady and her husband, a dark, unspooling thread strung…

EIF show Caledonia discusses banking and Scottish nationalism

11 Aug 2010

Darien colony tale retold at Edinburgh International Festival

The last time the National Theatre of Scotland was on an Edinburgh International Festival stage they told, in 365, small, beautiful half-stories about teenagers, played by unknown actors - living in the forgotten corners of public life. That was in…

Jacobite Country

10 Aug 20103 stars

Ramshackle action in the Pictish Free State

Haggis McSporran (no, that’s his real name), who may or may not be the greatest standup in Scotland since Craig Ferguson/Frankie Boyle/delete as appropriate, is conflicted. He’s spent much of his 27 years trying and failing to understand the…

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Operation Greenfield

10 Aug 20103 stars

Teenagers getting Christ, no kicks

Four shining-faced teenagers, all of them white and English, three of them angelically blonde, act out the Annunciation with passion and fervency. They smile, as though they’re overflowing with joy of it; they face us and they shout ‘FOR NOTHING IS…

Stephen Carlin - The Podium of Unconditional Surrender

10 Aug 20103 stars

Airdrie wag refuses to get tough

Stephen Carlin doesn’t really have a thing, in that way that comedians do: no identifying features. In his comedy, not facially. Facially he’s easy to spot: good-looking, with the sort of dastardly moustache that you rather suspect is going to turn out…

Comedy in the Dark

10 Aug 20102 stars

Well-known comics pitched out of their comfort zones

Selling a show as ‘comedy in the dark’? Make sure the lights go out completely in the venue. It’s interesting to see well-known comics pitched out of their comfort zones (Shappi Khorsandi discovering how much of her routine was based on facial comedy…

Inside features live score from 65daysofstatic

9 Aug 20104 stars

Dance: not just for girls, okay?

Hefty, stark and at times brutally visceral, Inside, the new work by boy wonder Jean Abreu, is macho dance, its choreography built around lines of masculinity and inspired by prison movies. There are no tutus, no extraneous flounces, and, with a live…


9 Aug 20105 stars

Enda in the ascendant

If ever there was an unlikely group of candidates for moral reclamation, it’s Homer’s Suitors, those odious, power-hungry freeloaders who installed themselves at Odysseus’ palace after he was presumed dead, intending to marry his wife Penelope, and thus…

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10 Dates with Mad Mary

9 Aug 20104 stars

A simple but brilliant study about readjusting to life out of prison

‘Mad’ Mary McArdle is 25 and having some trouble readjusting to life out of prison. She drinks, she hangs around the local teenagers to whom she’s a celebrity, and she tries not to start any more fights. This is a very simple character study, but it’s…

All the Queen’s Children

9 Aug 20104 stars

An impressive, unflinching piece of fluid theatre

The teens of Reading Youth Theatre devised this unflinching, impressive piece of fluid theatre themselves around the stories of real-life teenage asylum seekers (some of whom are in the company). Samuel is forced to swim to shore, swaggering, glam Lule…

Blackout delivers graceful and hard-hitting insight

8 Aug 20104 stars

Simple, brilliant, and in the second person

Imagine you’re Davey Anderson, a playwright whose work has never shied away from the realities of life in working class Glasgow. The National Theatre, in partnership with children’s charity Barnardo’s, puts you in touch with a teenager who you’re going…


8 Aug 20103 stars

Barton finks too much

There’s something curiously retro about this little piece, from the tight-fitting, slightly shiny suits worn by its performers to the old fashioned world of typewriters and briefcases it conjures up.

Martin Creed: Ballet Work No 1020

8 Aug 20103 stars

Oh, do try harder, disgruntled of Sadler’s Wells

Three stars. That’s what Martin Creed’s getting, although I suspect he was aiming for one, and some outrage. Three stars because there are a couple of interesting dance moments, a few good laughs, and some of the musical numbers are quite good, although…