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Joe Foster: Let's Get Cynical

24 Aug 20182 stars

Lacklustre and low-key set leaves audience feeling flat

Joe Foster's brand of comedy is exactly as promised by his title: cynical. In this low-key hour, the 29-year-old part-time comic, only recently out of the comfort of his parents' house, offers dark and deprecating humour, observing the pitfalls of…

Nick Dixon: Marriage Material

23 Aug 20181 star

Crassness and bitterness leave a bad aftertaste

Alternating with little disruption between wanking jokes and pornography jokes, Nick Dixon manages to entertain a specific demographic: sadly it's one this audience member did not fall into. 'Low-brow' comedy can be a lot of fun, but in Marriage…

Big Shop

21 Aug 20184 stars

High-energy duo create a winning combination

Cambridge Footlights Eve Delaney and John Tothill have undeniable comedic chemistry. With both of them hailing from (seemingly) middle-class backgrounds, this hour of silly sketches, character studies and improv shines a light on the pretensions and…

Hal Branson: Mbolo

17 Aug 20183 stars

Amusing if bamboozling fun about youthful indiscretion

Hal Branson is, as much as a dealer-turned-comedian can be, a lot of wholesome fun. His debut hour-long set, Mbolo, centres on a seven-month trip to Uganda in 2003, where he intended to clean up his act with charity work and an 'opened mind', but left…

Joe Sutherland: Toxic

15 Aug 20184 stars

Revitalising the gender debate with warmth and wit

Faced with an audience just shy of a dozen, and a full hour to share some deeply personal material with them, it might have been understandable if Joe Sutherland delivered a shaky performance. His relaxed composure and razor-sharp wit, therefore, made…

Phill Jupitus: Sassy Knack

6 Aug 20183 stars

TV and radio man provides fine comedy, warts and all

Performing in three consecutive shows at this year's Fringe could have been an own goal for the seasoned comic, but finishing up with Sassy Knack just about pulls off a stunning hat-trick for Phill Jupitus. Although starting off slow with a visibly…