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Chrononauts – Mark Millar and Sean Murphy

26 Feb 20154 stars

Time travelling action adventure from writer Mark Millar and artist Sean Murphy

Scottish writer Mark Millar is famed for his edgy action comics. Sharp, satirical and often packed with the old ultra-violence. Through his creator-owned Millarworld imprint, he's launched a plethora of new characters and realities. His work ethic is…

TV highlights – March 2015

26 Feb 2015

Including Banished, Moone Boy, Powers, The Following, Community and The Royals

Three part adaptation of Julian Barne's superlative novel based on real events. Martin Clunes and Arsher Ali take the title roles, as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle attempts to clear an innocent man accused of the 'Great Wyrley Outrages'.

EastEnders star Ben Hardy announced for X-Men: Apocalypse

25 Feb 2015

Bryan Singer’s X-Men sequel gets a new addition to the cast, while Fox’s superhero universe expands

After a week of shocking revelations and argy bargy on Albert Square as part of EastEnders’ 30th anniversary celebrations, Ben Hardy (aka Peter Beale), a key player in the ‘Who Killed Lucy Beale?’ storyline, should be well prepared for future film work.

TV Review: Banished, BBC Two

23 Feb 20153 stars

Jimmy McGovern's latest drama set in a penal colony in Australia, 1788

When you think of writer Jimmy McGovern's work you think of hard hitting social realism, gritty dramas such as Cracker, Hillsborough or The Street. Banished takes those themes and transposes them to 1788 and a small penal colony in New South Wales.

UK metal festival round-up: From Hammerfest to Bloodstock

18 Feb 2015

We take a closer look at 2015's line-ups, which feature the likes of Metallica, Kiss and Slipknot

Henry Northmore As Godflesh, Onslaught and Conan join the latest announcements for this year’s Bloodstock it’s the perfect time to check out the line-ups rocking some of the best metal events across this year’s festival season. Hammerfest…

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TV review: Critical, Sky One

18 Feb 20153 stars

Jed Mercurio's blood-soaked, real time medical drama

One patient, one hour, as ER meets 24 in Sky's new medical drama. Events play out in real time based on the concept of the 'golden hour', those first 60 minutes after a major trauma that are critical to a patient's survival. Created by Jed Mercurio who…

Django Django, Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sun 15 Feb

16 Feb 20154 stars

Energy, thumping beats and squelchy electronics turn the Liquid Rooms into a tropical rave

With Django Django’s Scottish roots and links to Edinburgh College of Art, it’s unsurprising that they chose the capital for one of just two UK dates on this intimate mini-tour. It’s also unsurprising that the Liquid Room is absolutely stowed…

The best of FrightFest at Glasgow Film Festival 2015

16 Feb 2015

The scariest films from the horror celebration including The Clown, The Woods and Blood & Black Lace

Once again it's time to get your fright on as Glasgow Film Festival presents three days of terror with FrightFest. As per usual it's an essential snapshot of the genre with zombies, serial killers and Satanism.

TV review: The Casual Vacancy, BBC One

16 Feb 20153 stars

The BBC bring JK Rowling’s post-Potter project to life with mixed results

What do you do after you’ve finally closed the book on a series as huge as Harry Potter? Hogwarts, Harry, Hagrid and co were such a huge global phenomena it would have been easy to continue down a similar path with yet more wizarding adventures. JK…

Kung Fu Killer

16 Feb 20154 stars

Stylish and fast-paced martial arts thriller from Teddy Chan, starring Donnie Yen

However hard they try, action stars like Jason Statham, Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dwayne Johnson can't hope to match the speed and grace of their Asian counterparts. Over the years Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and…

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February DVD Review Round-up

13 Feb 2015

Including The Maze Runner, Love, Rosie, Gone Girl, Annabelle, Olive Kitteridge and more

We start this month's DVD round-up with the latest entry in the ever expanding world of young adult sci-fi. Unfortunately this burgeoning subgenre is becoming a bit formulaic and The Maze Runner (20th Century Fox) is very Hunger Games-esque but has a…

A new cinematic direction for Spider-Man

12 Feb 2015

What exactly are the implications of the rights for Spider-Man reverting to Marvel/Disney?

Spider-Man is Marvel’s figure head. He’s has been the comic publishers’ mascot pretty much since Stan Lee and Steve Ditko invented the character back in 1962. The scarlet webslinger has appeared on TV and was almost brought to the big screen by James…

TV review: 12 Monkeys, SyFy

10 Feb 20153 stars

Terry Gilliam's dark sci-fi movie is adapted to TV with mixed results

Drop any out of date preconceptions, it's not all dodgy CGI and endless Sharknado sequels on SyFy, the channel has been upping it's game when it comes to original programming of late. 12 Monkeys joins their roster of original programming, taking Terry…

TV preview: 12 Monkeys, SyFy

5 Feb 2015

New television series inspired by Terry Gilliam's dark time travel feature film

Terry Gilliam's grimy twisty turny sci-fi 12 Monkeys (1995) has been transformed into a TV series. The basic set up is the same as James Cole is sent back in time in a bid to save the world from an extinction level virus. Aaron Stanford (probably most…

Netflix Daredevil trailer premieres online

4 Feb 2015

Netflix’s first Marvel TV show is unveiled

Netflix launches the trailer for its first collaboration with Marvel, and we finally get a good look at blind lawyer-turned-street-vigilante Daredevil in action. And it looks great, obviously taking its inspiration from Frank Miller, Brian Michael…

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TV Highlights for February 2015

2 Feb 2015

Including Better Call Saul, The Casual Vacancy, House of Cards, Vikings and the return of The Walkin

Rory Bremner's Coalition Report: From Here To Austerity The impressionist mines the LibDem/Tory coalition for comedy. It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel. Tue 3 Feb, 10pm. BBC Two

The troubled cinematic history of The Fantastic Four

29 Jan 2015

A look back at the difficult journey of comics' first superteam to the big screen

As the trailer for the new Fantastic Four reboot drops, we finally get a (very) brief glimpse of Mr Fantastic (Miles Teller), The Invisible Woman (Kate Mara), The Thing (Jamie Bell) and The Human Torch (Michael B Jordan). It’s suitably dark and brooding…

TV review: CSI Season 15, Channel 5

20 Jan 20153 stars

Classic cop procedural and TV giant CSI returns for its season 15

Once the biggest TV show on the planet CSI is a classic police procedural focussing on the investigations of the Las Vegas forensics lab. The vast majority of episodes are self-contained making it the perfect fodder for casual crime junkies. And they…

TV review: Fortitude, Sky Atlantic

20 Jan 20153 stars

Murder mystery abound in new Nordic-noir influenced drama from Sky starring Michael Gambon

Fortitude is the latest original production from Sky and it's perhaps their most ambitious yet. A murder mystery set on the fictional Arctic island of Fortitude. However what at first glance looks like another Nordic-influenced thriller is aiming for…

Interview: Derek Mears (Dead Snow 2)

13 Jan 2015

Horror icon discusses his career playing monsters in Dead Snow 2, Friday the 13th, Predator and more

It's rare but every now and then a sequel comes along that blows the original out of the water. Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead is gorier, nastier and funnier than the first film in just about every way. This time Herzog (Ørjan Gamst) is leading his Nazi…

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Preview: First Aid Kit

8 Jan 2015

If your heart can stand it, other worldly sister act are touring their soulful folk tunes now

As teenagers in their native Stockholm, Swedish sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg, discovered the Americana music of Gram Parsons, Bright Eyes and Fleet Foxes. It was their cover of the latter’s ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ in 2008 that brought them…

Erebus: Into the Unknown

5 Jan 20153 stars

Chilling yet stirring documentary from Charlotte Purdy and Peter Burger

On 28 November 1979 a flight took off from New Zealand loaded with 257 passengers heading on a sightseeing tour over Antarctica. They would never be seen alive again. This documentary mixes archive footage, interviews and reconstructions to bring to…

Opinion: New proposals for BBC Three

15 Dec 2014

With the BBC under pressure to cut costs, Henry Northmore looks at BBC Three's possible future

The BBC has unveiled new plans for BBC Three. The idea of moving the channel online was first floated in March but now more detailed proposals have been announced indicating that broadcast could shut down by autumn of 2015. When it launched in 2003…

The Hot 100 2014: 100-91

11 Dec 2014

Sophia George, Richard Youngs and Carina Contini among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors

The Hot 100 is The List's annual celebration of the figures who've contributed most to the cultural landscape during the year. From chefs and theatre-makers to writers and musicians, you'll find them here.

The Hot 100 2014: 90-81

11 Dec 2014

Hanna Tuulikki, Vanishing Point and Bloody Scotland among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors

The Hot 100 is The List's annual celebration of the figures who've contributed most to the cultural landscape during the year. From chefs and theatre-makers to writers and musicians, you'll find them here.