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Yes or No? 15 shows to help you make your decision for the Scottish independence referendum

12 Sep 2014

Need help deciding? Let the worlds of art, theatre, comedy, books and music lend a hand

Glasgow Early Days: The Arches Referendum Festival A week of special theatre commissions including work by Rob Drummond, Gary McNair & Davey Anderson and Robert Ormerod, with the Arches Political Party the night before and the What Now? Brunch the…

Interview: Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister look at the state of Scotland

21 Mar 2014

The pair's long-running independence show is evolving as the referendum draws near

Regardless of what happens on September 18, Vladimir McTavish and Keir McAllister have no doubt that the public is more engaged with the independence referendum than when they began performing their Look at the State of Scotland shows in 2012. ‘We had a…

Doune The Rabbit Hole music festival 2011

6 May 2011

Polar Bear, The Vaselines and Zoey Van Goey set for rural Scottish festival

The family-friendly festival, Doune The Rabbit Hole makes a welcome return next month with a plethora of live music including The Vaselines, Zoey Van Goey and recently-headliners announced, Polar Bear. Situated at Old Newton, near Doune in Stirling…

Vladimir McTavish

16 Aug 20103 stars

Thoroughly entertaining crawl through the national beverage

Given the liberal passing round of sample nips of the water of life, McTavish’s show is not, as suggested in its title of Whisky: An Idiot’s Guide, a sobering examination of Scotland’s top export. It is, however, a thoroughly entertaining crawl through…

Vladimir McTavish - Top 50 Greatest Scots Ever, Part Two

18 Aug 20092 stars

Familiar stereotype-based observations

Vladimir returns with the follow up to 2008's Part One, a sideways look at great Scots old and new. Dishing out some familiar stereotype-based observations of the good and the not-so-good of modern day Scotland, McTavish manages to skit in praise of one…

Vladimir McTavish

21 Aug 20083 stars

In addition to generating plenty of laughs, the oddly monikered Glasgow-born comedian's new list-based show makes for a very serviceable and satirical potted history of Scotland. By nature of being a top 50 (Greatest Scots Ever!), McTavish's list is far…

Comedy @ The State

18 Jun 2007

Name Comedy @ The State What’s that then? A rather nice way to spend a Saturday evening, if you like watching comedy in a basement in the middle of Glasgow. Gosh, yet another comedy night? A plethora of independent nights are springing up around…

Hitlist - The best comedy

21 May 2007

Frankie Boyle This powerhouse comic is at the top of his game right now and these shows will be a fine indication about how massively he’ll be storming the Fringe come August time with Morons I Can Heal You. Brilliant, eh? The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 24…