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The phenomenon of DIY art environments

6 Aug 2009

Ever since conceptualism broke through in the 1960s, regular gallery interiors, be they extravagantly antique pieces of architecture or ice-cool white cubes, have lost their power to imprison work within their over-bearing walls. In the last couple of…

Glasgow DIY Festival

17 Sep 2009

The city shows off its talented underground arts scene

Without wishing to play down the significance of Franz Ferdinand’s commercial breakthrough, arguably the real story of Glasgow rock in the ’00s has been the rise of the DIY gig scene. Nuts & Seeds got the ball rolling by booking weird, noisy and fun…

The Enlightenments

21 Aug 2009

Don’t expect worship of Enlightenment rationalism from the artistic crowd

A curious exhibition, The Enlightenments. As the extra ‘s’ suggests, it isn’t a homage to the art of the 18th century, and it doesn’t offer a single rational view of what ‘enlightenment’ might mean. The catalogue for this year’s International Festival…

Lili Reynaud-Dewar - Power play

21 Aug 2009

The French artist discusses her latest work

Lili Reynaud-Dewar’s new installation explores social structures through the lost profession of shorthand typists. She discusses her practice with Talitha Kotzé

The Travelling Gallery

14 Aug 2009

Now something of an annual institution, the Travelling Gallery returns to the capital, showing its wares from inside a big, beautiful bus. This year’s exhibition explores how contemporary artists are using paint, both on canvas and within other media…

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Collaborative exhibition by Baldvin Ringsted and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir

6 Aug 2009

The inside of a grand piano has been painted black and raised onto short legs. Black growth infiltrates its entrails. This is the first collaborative piece by Baldvin Ringsted and Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, and will form the central piece for their…

Poorboy Playroom bring creative chaos to museum

4 Aug 2009

Scottish collective bring site specific improvisations to Fringe

Scotland’s mighty collective, the Poorboy Playroom, are bringing a creative flurry to this year’s Fringe. The popular posse, best known for their multi-sensory site specific improvisations, are heading indoors to occupy space in the National Museum of…

Edinburgh Mela

30 Jul 2009

Edinburgh's most multicultural festival

The 15th Edinburgh Mela is something of a milestone for the massive multicultural music, art, theatre and food festival celebrating Asian Scottish culture, and not just because it is returning to its original home of Pilrig Park. ‘This year, we’re…

Rough Cut Nation

29 Jul 2009

Music meets art uptown

Gallery gigs are ordinarily bespoke, underground shop-front affairs that flaunt their art-rock credentials like billy-o. The renovation of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery has allowed some of that DIY spirit to mess up its normally plush interior…

Rough Cut Nation

28 Jul 2009

The National Portrait Gallery may have been closed for refurbishment for the past six months, but this has only served to enhance its appeal as an evocative space. Rough Cut Nation brings together 12 young artists inspired by street art and graffiti…

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Not set in stone: sculpture at the Festival

24 Jul 2009

Talitha Kotzé explores the nature and appeal of the form

An unofficial but recurring thread in this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival programme is sculpture. That is not to say traditionally moulded or contemporarily modulated, but sculpture in its broadest sense. It ranges from new work by the Wilson sisters to…

Tonite - contemporary art in Glasgow

23 Jul 2009

The East Coast scene may be dominated by the Edinburgh Art Festival, but lovers of contemporary art in Glasgow can get their fix at The Modern Instutute with this large group show, which features work by Hany Armanious, Martin Boyce, Martin Creed, Mark…

5 Questions: John McCracken

23 Jul 2009

American minimalist sculptor John McCracken’s surfboard-inspired objects, with their bold use of colour and form, have influenced generations. As Inverleith House prepares to unveil his first solo exhibition in Scotland he tackles our Q & A

Bob and Roberta Smith: This Artist is Deeply Dangerous

23 Jul 2009

David Pollock reports on the latest subversive work from Bob and Roberta Smith

For this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival exhibition Bob and Roberta Smith – the multiple pseudonym of Goldsmiths graduate Patrick Brill – slices up the text of an entire review and transferring it to a series of hanging paintings.

Jupiter Artland - outdoor work by high-profile contemporary artists

23 Jul 2009

‘This isn’t a sculpture park,’ says Robert Wilson, co-director, along with his wife Nicky, of the recently-opened Jupiter Artland. ‘We think of it as something different. That’s why we used the word “artland”, because we want to focus equally on the…

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Creativity vs Destruction: Stories of Iraqi Art

9 Jul 2009

The closing event of this year’s excellently curated Reel Iraq festival, this exhibition explores not only major artworks coming out of Iraq, but also the tribulations and obstacles that artists from that country have to go through in order to create…

The Discovery of Spain – British Artists and Collectors: Goya to Picasso

9 Jul 2009

Spanish holidays have come a long way from the sun, sea and sangria of the 1970s and having it large in Ibiza in the 90s. Yet, the pop cultural memorabilia of both eras remains in the bullfighting posters and maracas many brought home as jet-age…

Heavy Metal Mouth

9 Jul 2009

For their latest exhibition Polarcap invited 13 artists, drawn from a diverse pool of ages and experience and disciplines to respond to contemporary Heavy Metal culture, in particular to a text by participating artist Norman Shaw, which includes the…

Affair of the art

25 Jun 2009

Every movement needs its muse. So it was with the surrealists’ boys club, whereby Picasso, Man Ray, Max Ernst and co turned the art world upside down while leading equally tempestuous private lives. Take poet and painter Paul Eluard, for instance, whose…

Art College Degree Shows

11 Jun 2009

Edinburgh College of Art Lizzy Stewart: Illustration Stewart’s work adorns record sleeves, editorial pages, zines and books. Her vivid prints, including ‘Giant Bear in a Tiny Village’ (pictured), will be on display alongside illustrations for Dee…

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Edvard Munch

11 Jun 2009

When a daring daylight robbery liberated Edvard Munch’s painting ‘The Scream’ from Oslo’s Munch Museum in 2004, the international art world was in despair. Once recovered, the painting was damaged externally to the extent of being kept out of view for…

Two Horizons

11 Jun 2009

The Artist Rooms exhibition occupying the ground floor of the Modern Art Gallery may have taken up most of the headlines, but there’s an equally impressive, if smaller, exhibition tucked away upstairs. Two Horizons features a selection of work by…

Fete accomplis - The West End Festival

28 May 2009

The West End Festival, which has been going since 1996, is a community festival in the proper sense of the word, running free workshops and concerts, hosting events that involve local businesses and generally inviting residents to celebrate the various…

On the Record

28 May 2009

‘I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking …’ So begins Christopher Isherwood’s novel Goodbye To Berlin. While the book is now most famous as the inspiration for the musical Cabaret, the new exhibition of artists’ films…

In the frame: Edinburgh Art Festival

28 May 2009

Never one to be outshone by its more established August counterparts, the Edinburgh Art Festival has announced a roster of talent, with major exhibitions from world-renowned artists, as well as an extraordinary programme of sculpture work, at over 50…