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New Faces

21 Jan 2010

Recoat kicks off 2010 with a group exhibition under the theme of Modern Character Design. The show highlights the importance and validity of this new area of design and development, and includes contributions from Elph, Andrew Rae, FiST, Jon MacNair and…

Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution

20 Jan 2010

This touring exhibition brings together 19 contemporary practitioners to explore how craft practice can generate a modern and timely response to current social debates. Award-winning jeweller Esther Knobel and ceramicist Neil Brownsword are among the…


19 Jan 20104 stars

Love showcases the work of three artistic partnerships: Glasgow-based duo Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, married but independent artists Rita Donagh and Richard Hamilton, and recently married ‘living sculptures’ Gilbert and George. The exhibition…

STHLM ‘go away to come home’

19 Jan 2010

Award-winning photographer Jannica Honey traded living in Sweden for an Edinburgh Uni photography course and the pleasures of Leith docks almost a decade ago. However, as her latest exhibition shows, the ideas of dislocation, remembrance and comparison…

Edinburgh's Hidden Door brings artists and musicians to Roxy Art House

15 Jan 2010

The poster for ‘Hidden Door’ says it all. Or rather, the shaky-handed woodcut-styled image advertising Edinburgh’s new cross-artform weekender at The Roxy Art House, doesn’t. As a shadowy, long-coated figure tentatively peers through the cracks of some…

Duncan Campbell: Make It New John

12 Jan 2010

‘Ello John got a new motor?

Meet John DeLorean. It’s a name that swaggers with the charismatic if somewhat clichéd machismo of a pulp fiction hero, self-made, aspirational sort, all sports cars and girls, with an Icarus-like downfall plotted in. DeLorean was all too real, however…

Martin Boyce: No Reflections

12 Jan 20104 stars

As with most aspects of Martin Boyce’s reimagining of his 2009 contribution to the Venice Biennale, the autumn leaves that dust about the floor’s edges in the DCA aren’t quite what they seem. Made of paraffin-coated crepe paper and nestling alongside a…

Modernista: Gaudi and his Contemporaries in Modern Day Barcelona

12 Jan 20103 stars

At the turn of the 20th century, Catalonia’s architectural response to European art nouveau was manifested in buildings such as the Park Güell, Casa Milà and the Sagrada Família, characterised by highly stylised organic motifs and curvilinear forms. A…