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Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller

14 Aug 20085 stars

A childhood state of imaginative possibility

Over six pieces comprising kinetic sculpture, projections, visceral jokes, total immersion sensory works, whole room architectural installations and, with ‘Opera for a Small Room’ (pictured), an awe-inspiringly perfect sound sculpture, Cardiff and Bures…

5 Questions - Spam the Musical

14 Aug 2008

5 words to describe SPAM the Musical Viral, punk, trojan, fabulous & fucked up. 4 places we might be able to catch it Where you least expect it. Or, if you’re lazy. 3 other EAF exhibitions you’re looking forward to…

Big Things on the Beach: Garden Gallery

14 Aug 20083 stars

Public art, right on your doorstep

As far as public art initiatives go, it doesn’t get much more DIY or community-focused than this. Twenty-nine separate works, most of which are hosted in the front gardens of Portobello houses, and all of them part of a scenic walking tour of the…


14 Aug 20084 stars

New exhibition space warmed up by a fine group show

Having made their debut last Festival with a show at West Barns Studios, Polarcap return to East Lothian for this debut exhibition at Eskmills’ new gallery. Although the exposed roof beams give the impression that the gallery itself hasn’t actually been…

Frances Richardson: Playing Against Reason

14 Aug 20083 stars

The great global economic gamble, in heavily symbolic form

Take Frances Richardson’s drawing and sculptures (the latter she refers to as ‘walk-in drawings’) literally and it seems the world is falling down around us. Or at least the financial world is, and that might not be too far from the truth. But how…

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14 Aug 20083 stars

Glasgow and Edinburgh reconciled through art?

‘gleDinBow’ is pitched as an exhibition that has paired artists from Edinburgh with partners from Glasgow as a way to explore ‘sibling rivalry’ and attempt to cross perceived artistic boundaries between the two cities. In practise there is little…

Jim Lambie: Forever Changes

14 Aug 2008

The quietest month on Glasgow’s art scene means you should pick your moment to get a little alone time with Jim Lambie’s current exhibition at the GOMA. Despite invoking the bustle of pop culture, rock gigs and glitzy local discotheques called things…

Painting Music Workshop

14 Aug 20084 stars

The art of sound

There are several enjoyable aspects to this imaginative workshop, but the best one is the gift that keeps on giving. In just 40 minutes, Rhuti Carr and her musical cohorts give you a new skill that will stay with you for life. Gathered around a giant…

Return of the Soul - The Nakbah Project

14 Aug 20084 stars

A secret persecution preserved in wax

Scottish based painter, theatre designer and now multimedia artist Jane Frere revisits the Nakbah, the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian people in 1948 when the newly UN-sanctioned nation of Israel expropriated ‘lebensraum’ (living room) through…

Samuel Bough painting due at auction

14 Aug 2008

An early landscape work by English artist Samuel Bough RSA is expected to reach over £30,000 at Bonhams' Scottish Sale, which is due to be held in the company's new Queen Street premises in Edinburgh on 29 August. The work has reportedly not been seen…

Sanford Wurmfield: E-Cyclorama

14 Aug 20084 stars

Rainbow in the round

New York based artist Wurmfield’s new creation is a sight to behold. He channels the colour theories of the great Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell by way of Goethe, the Scottish Enlightenment (there is a reason this work is being premiered in the…

Steven Campbell

14 Aug 2008

In August of last year, one of Scotland’s most renowned contemporary painters died unexpectedly. Steven Campbell’s sadly premature death at the age of 54, caused by a ruptured appendix, was all the more untimely as he was in the midst of preparing for…