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The Road that Wasn't There

23 Aug 20174 stars

A magical tale for children and adults

Trick of the Light theatre company puts the play back in theatre. Using minimal staging, made up of maps and cardboard boxes, it's an homage to child-like imagination. The three actors combine music, puppetry and shadow theatre to tell their dark…

Beards! Beards! Beards!

7 Aug 20162 stars

Tale of empowerment falls short of the mark

After last year's exceptional show, The Bookbinder, hopes were high that New Zealand's Trick of the Light company had something else tasty up its sleeve. Sadly, and somewhat bafflingly, this proves not to be the case. A cracking opening number…

The Bookbinder

28 Aug 20154 stars

A subtle, smart and funny theatrical piece, entertaining for adults and kids alike

It says a lot about The Bookbinder, that the venue was three quarters full with adults when I saw it – and that a younger child aged six or seven left halfway through. This is an engaging piece of theatre, full of intrigue and sophisticated humour, best…

Fringe preview: The Bookbinder

20 Jul 2015

Neil Gaiman-esque magical tale for children aged 8+

New Zealand theatre company Trick of the Light were last at the Fringe in 2012 with The Road That Wasn't There. This year, they're returning with The Bookbinder, a dark, magical tale best suited to slightly older children (8+). Director Hannah Smith…