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20 Jun 20164 stars

Omer Fast’s debut feature is a strikingly original drama, featuring Tom Sturridge and Cush Jumbo

Given that its debut director is adapting a debut work of fiction, Remainder is a film of remarkable accomplishment. In bringing British author Tom McCarthy’s ambitious novel (written in 2001, published in 2005) to the screen, Israeli video artist Omer…

Far from the Madding Crowd

27 Apr 20154 stars

Straight but stirring adaptation of Thomas Hardy's novel starring Carey Mulligan

Danish director Thomas Vinterberg helming an adaptation of a Thomas Hardy novel is a curious notion. From provocative Dogme 95 film Festen to nail-biting modern morality tale The Hunt, his anti-establishment sensibility might seem an odd fit for a…

Effie Gray

7 Oct 20143 stars

Victorian biopic featuring Dakota Fanning alongside screenwriter Emma Thompson

Delayed by two years due to legal wranglings surrounding Emma Thompson's screenplay, director Richard Laxton's period piece focuses on the early life of Euphemia 'Effie' Gray (Dakota Fanning), a young Scottish woman who marries older art critic John…