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Max & Ivan: Our Story

13 Aug 20163 stars

Fun multi-character comedy from accomplished sketch duo

This is definitely more of the same from Max & Ivan, but they do 'the same' so well. In Our Story, the sketchy duo take us back in time to the moment they first met as children, when Max was learning to wrestle and Ivan was a boy scout. It's based on…

BEASTS Present Mr Edinburgh 2016

8 Aug 20162 stars

Spectacularly unsubtle and patently unsafe mucking-about to little effect

What is it about Tom Parry and naked arses? After sending out a publicity photo for the Pappy's man's debut solo show last August which contained images of him hanging out at the back, his direction of BEASTS' latest sketch tomfoolery continues the…

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominees and winners 2015 – where are they now?

8 Sep 2015

Our guide to tracking down the Fosters Comedy Awards nominees and winners post-Fringe

So you didn't make it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year? No worries, you were probably busy. Bacon doesn't bring itself home. The good news is that missing Edinburgh doesn't mean you have to miss out on some of the best shows of the summer.

Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt

10 Aug 20154 stars

Curated chaos from the Pappy’s man in a show about fancy dress

Tom Parry, one third of acclaimed sketch group Pappy’s, presents his debut solo show in which he promises that he can prove the importance of fancy dress. Over the course of 60 minutes he does many things, ranging from the odd to the bewildering, but…

Tom Parry and Matthew Crosby of Pappy's discuss their Last Show Ever

9 Oct 2012

The trio are taking their much-lauded Fringe show on tour

Pappy’s are far too humble and polite to say it, so someone else needs to: they wuz robbed. In August, a substantial clutch of five stars adorned the posters for their Final Show Ever (aka their best show ever), but the trio was pipped at the Edinburgh…

Pappy’s Festival Trends

19 Aug 2010

Comedy threesome analyse Edinburgh trends of 2010

Taking a break from their usual sketch silliness, comedy threesome Pappy’s have turned their minds to analysing the Edinburgh trends of 2010. This year Roads, Twitter and other sketch troupes have caught their attention