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Tom Allen – 'I don't think lesbian hen dos invite a straight bloke along to sit in front of Sky Sports'

24 Jul 2017

The suave comic takes Absolutely to the Edinburgh Fringe before heading out on tour

He's supported Sarah Millican around the world, won the prestigious So You Think You're Funny Award, and been favourably compared to Eddie Izzard, Victoria Wood and Oscar Wilde. The erudite Tom Allen is back with a new show about moving on. Here he…

Words can hurt: the worst festival reviews

14 Jul 2017

Some game festival acts dip into their souls and dig out the reviews that truly hit hard

A blessing in disguise? It might not always seem like it, but a bad, no good, terrible review can actually be a positive thing. Sure, this is coming from a critic right now, but it seems some artists have been able to see the flip side of the coin too.

Tom Allen: Indeed

7 Aug 20164 stars

Patience pays off for this highly literate stand-up with a well-crafted hour of badinage

After nearly a decade of tinkering, Tom Allen has polished his act to near prime-time telly perfection. Seeming to pitch this slick show squarely at his mother's friends – all desperate to seem 'down with the poofs' and pair him up with the one other…

Dapper laughs: comedians with a sense of style

12 Jul 2016

Some of the Fringe's top comedians reveal why they dress to impress on stage

Being a modern comedian means more than just shambling onstage in a stained t-shirt and ripped jeans. Some stand-ups take their appearance very seriously indeed and won’t dream of stepping on stage without sequins or a suit. Brian Donaldson hears from…

Tom Allen: Both Worlds

20 Aug 20153 stars

An elegant and graceful hour from a witty raconteur

Winning both So You Think You’re Funny and the BBC New Comedy Award in 2005, Tom Allen is an Edinburgh regular returning for his eighth year. Perhaps the most convivial host on this year's Fringe, Allen makes sure we all have a biscuit and are sitting…

Pleasance offering free late night comedy at the Fringe

6 Aug 2015

Mawaan Rizwan, Karl Schultz, Tom Allen and more set for free gigs

If there's one thing better than late night comedy at the Fringe, it's free late night comedy at the Fringe, and this year, Pleasance are offering up just that. For the princely sum of £0.00, you can catch Fringe acts such as Mawaan Rizwan, Karl…

Tom Allen: Life / Style

7 Aug 20142 stars

Frustratingly mediocre Edinburgh Festival Fringe show with hints of refreshing sincerity

Tom Allen has built a persona for himself over successive years at the Fringe. He’s camp and catty, smooth one minute and scathing the next as he delivers personal tales with a knowingly arched eyebrow and a deliberately cocked hip. This year he takes a…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 interview: bon vivant and raconteur Tom Allen

25 Jul 2014

'It's about being happy with yourself. And not holding back. And wearing bigger hats'

Erudite raconteur Tom Allen comes to Edinburgh fresh from supporting Sarah Millican on tour. ‘It’s an interesting experience to step out in front of 2000 people who haven’t come to see you and to convince them that you’re worth watching,’ says the…

Tom Allen's Afternoon Tea

24 Aug 20113 stars

Well-balanced chat show from the camp charmer

Tom Allen occupies the host’s chair with ease: his equal parts campy and charming persona comes across like a less grating Graham Norton, and he reins it in appropriately when guests Craig Hill and Diane Spencer takes the stage with lashings of innuendo…

Fringe for (around) a fiver: Comedy

22 Jul 2011

The best cheap shows in Edinburgh this August

AAA Stand-Up/Late A trio of dandy comics for much less than the normal price of three in this annual not-late/late line-up. The earlier bill includes Joe Rowntree while the later roster has Matt Price. Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, 3–5 Aug…

Tom Allen Tougens Up!

23 Jul 2010

One of the more eloquent communicators on the circuit, Tom Allen has been a proponent of conversational, anecdotal comedy with his Fringe shows such as Women! and A Voyage Round My Mother. This year, he might well be going against his grain as he…

Edinburgh Festival comedy highlights for a fiver

15 Jul 2009

Ooh, a Fringe in a credit crunch. It’ll be interesting times for all this year, but if you get in quick you can catch some of the best acts in exchange for a mere fiver. We’ve selected fifty of the finest shows you can see for the price of a…

Tom Allen

7 Aug 20082 stars

There's a place in the theatre for Allen, because stand-up comedy is not his forté. The pleasure in his tale of finding some meaning in his family history is all in the telling; at the climax, Allen pretty much admits himself that the content is sadly…

Tom Allen

16 Aug 20073 stars

Allen’s short stories are based on autobiographical tales of his uneventful coming of age, but it’s the way it’s told that’s important. He’s a quick witted storyteller whose wry asides make for absorbing listening. Theatre seems the stronger influence…