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Tiff Stevenson: Optimist

1 Aug 20143 stars

Left-leaning comedy with brave personal touches at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Under the premise of examining her own optimistic (or not) nature, Tiff Stevenson takes the pulse of the nation and a few well-aimed pot-shots at its ills. From celebrity domination to George Osborne, she offers a politicised rundown of contemporary…

Tiffany Stevenson

13 Aug 20123 stars

Gobby, warm and putting the world to rights

Swigging cider and conspiratorial, Tiffany Stevenson manages to make you feel like you’re in your local putting the world to rights. And no stone is left unturned or rogue hair unplucked: class (working; ‘bring back tea and manufacturing!’) and racism…

Comedian Tiffany Stevenson praises optimism at the Fringe 2012

27 Jul 2012

Comedian behind Uncomfortably Numb show on 24 box-sets and Requiem For A Dream

An optimistic purchase Stage and screen star Tiffany Stevenson looks on the bright side, as she prepares to bring her latest show to the Fringe I have a friend who is ill in hospital and I had no idea what to buy him. I know the norm in these…

5 things you might not know about Tiffany Stevenson

2 Feb 2012

The actress comedian from Talk Radio to Show Me The Funny

1 Tiffany Stevenson began her career in the entertainment biz as an actress and has appeared onscreen in The Office, took a lead role in gritty indie feature Spinning Candyfloss and popped up in Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Dirtee Cash’ video [see below]. 2 Her…

Tiffany Stevenson

22 Aug 20113 stars

Cuddly musings on Cockneys and kids

When she took her Scottish boyfriend along to a good old-fashioned Cockney party in her own backyard, Tiffany Stevenson couldn’t get out of there quick enough. A horrible vision of her possible future has presented itself as she moved around the room…

Tiffany Stevenson - Dictators

8 Aug 20103 stars

Top Trumps of despots

A quick glance at the leaderboard Tiffany Stevenson uses to rank and display her top five dictators reveals all you need to know about this comic and her style. First, that she scores power-crazed and often genocidal individuals like they were Top…

Tiffany Stevenson

12 Aug 20093 stars

Promising stand-up debut from the one-time wannabe actress

Stevenson has gone from modelling work to small-time acting but right now her role is as new stand-up hopeful. The London-born comic exudes confidence and has plenty of stories from her more celeb obsessed and ‘vacuous’ days. More impressive is the high…

Comedy Day Planner

29 Jul 2009

Not sure what do you with your time, but really want to see some good comedy? Brian Donaldson helps sketch out your mirthful itinerary between lunchtime and the witching hour, from The Early Edition to Late ‘n’ Live