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Thomas Houseago: The Beat of the Show

14 Jun 20114 stars

Sculptures that 'suggest a society getting back to basics'

The relationship between the title of the first museum-based show by Leeds-born sculptor Houseago and the work itself may not be immediately apparent. It’s taken from Transmission, the urgent post-punk anthem released in 1979 by Joy Division, who…

Thomas Houseago, Dieter Roth & André Thomkins

11 Jun 20093 stars

MIXED MEDIA Sculptures and drawings by Leeds-born, LA-based Thomas Houseago are exhibited alongside those of the late Swiss friends and collaborators Dieter Roth and André Thomkins. Nearly two generations apart, the artists enter into anachronistic…

Thomas Houseago, A Million Miles Away

13 Dec 20073 stars

It's always suspect to examine the forgotten ‘primitive’ memory of the figurative in Modernism – to return to Modernism's repressed, barely formed ‘wild urges’. When such an attempt is filtered through an ironic, neo-expressionist approach, it’s even…

Thomas Houseago

29 Nov 2007

SCULPTURE The Modern Institute, Glasgow, until Sat 5 Jan LA-based, Leeds-born Houseago makes his Glasgow debut at the Modern Institute with slashed and scraped figurative works, sculptures that amalgamate stylistic elements from Cubism…