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Album Round-up — December 2014

18 Dec 2014

New releases from Disappears, Prosumer, Smashing Pumpkins, Darren Hayman, Yo La Tengo and Beyoncé

Disappears — Irreal (Kranky) ●●●● The ‘guitars are dead’ contingent may wish to re-evaluate upon exposure to this, the sixth album from Brian ‘90 Day Men’ Case’s Chicagoan art-rock group. It’s hard to categorise, but there’s essentially an attempt…

Bob Log III

3 Sep 2009

Delta blues madness at King Tut's

For a unique take on the Delta blues, Bob Log III is your man. He is clad in a crash helmet and cat suit with a telephone wired into his face-plate, leaving his hands free to concentrate on slide guitar while he uses his feet to drum. Expect a bizarre…

Portishead - Third

24 Apr 20084 stars

ELECTRONICA (Island) No one ever really expected Dummy MkII did they? For trip hop – the smoky sub-genre Portishead inadvertently helped create – is a distant, smouldering ember but Third is glorious, odd and timeless, a record of clanking, throbbing…


10 Apr 2008

In today’s stack ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap, drop ‘em even quicker music industry where the write-record-release-tour hamster wheel is king, the return of Bristolian trio Portishead back into our lives is a cause for celebration for some and relief for…