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A guide to Edinburgh and Glasgow music venues

31 Aug 2012

The radio DJ and gig promoter Ally McCrae brings you the best of the cities’ music mayhem

OK, so if you’ve chosen to come to Glasgow for four years of solitude, hard study and early nights then that is cool, but be warned, you will be looking a very large musical gift horse in the mouth. There are too many live venues to list. You’ll no…

A guide to Scotland's club scene

30 Aug 2012

DJ, co-owner and promoter of Third Door Sarah David on the beauty of student nightlife

So here you are. You are about to embark on this incredible journey of discovery. You want to hunt out fresh and exciting experiences, to meet and embrace new people and to embark on the next chapter of your life... oh... er, yes and, of course, study.

Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - The Third Door, Edinburgh, Wed 26 Oct 2011

15 Nov 20114 stars

Near two-hour set pulls disparate parts into satisfying whole

For this, one of the first gigs at the refreshed and renamed Third Door venue (formerly Medina, and now boasting a beefier new sound system), big personalities and hearts on sleeves are very much the order of the day. Opener Viking Moses is one Brendon…