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First Scottish solo show by Babette Mangolte explores work with Yvonne Rainer

23 Sep 2010

The first solo show in Scotland by filmmaker Babette Mangolte explores her working relationship with performance artist Yvonne Rainer. Neil Cooper assesses the impact of their collaboration

How a bumper programme at the Traverse Theatre in 1985 changed Scottish culture

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

1985 was a landmark year for The Traverse theatre. Peter Arnott, Chris Hannan and Jo Clifford recall working there to Mark Fisher

How seven key figures in Scottish culture have fared over 25 years

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

Didn’t they do well? Scotland has more than its fair share of talent, finds Kirstin Innes, as she chronicles the highs and lows of some of our finest exports over 25 years, including Peter Capaldi, Carol Ann Duffy, Ian Rankin, Douglas Gordon, Tilda…

Looking back on 25 years of commentary on Scottish culture

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

A lot has happened in 25 years of Scottish culture. Niki Boyle gives a blow-by-blow account of the major events

Romeo and Juliet

22 Sep 20103 stars

As the prologue foretelling the deaths of the most iconic of lovers is spoken, we see them, statuesque in an embrace, their now reconciled families laying wreaths at their feet. With this opening, and the almost universal knowledge of how this story…

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Paperbelle kids show highlights power of imagination

22 Sep 2010

Amazing things happen inside a child’s imagination – an old twig becomes a magic wand, a cardboard box a castle. And, as theatre director Heather Fulton discovered while working with nursery children, a small piece of paper can come alive with all kinds…

The Bookie

22 Sep 2010

‘It’s my first one,’ says playwright Douglas Maxwell of his new production, The Bookie. ‘My Fisher-Price “My First Musical”, it’s a proper learning curve.’ In a script that gives a Scottish flavour to Vegas-style razzle dazzle, a big time casino tycoon…

I Was There: The Mahabharata

16 Sep 2010

The List's 25th Birthday Special

Peter Brook brings his nine-hour epic, The Mahabharata, to the Tramway, 13 Apr 1988. By theatre critic Steve Cramer.

Theatre, Darling!

16 Sep 2010

Whether it is cutting edge drama, hearty laughs or a decent tippling hole, Glasgow and Edinburgh’s theatre and comedy scene has it covered, find Niki Boyle and Anna Millar

The Boy With Tape on His Face

16 Sep 2010

Don’t miss this rising star of the comedy scene as he returns to Edinburgh following his five star Fringe show says Brian Donaldson

Punk Rock

10 Sep 2010

New writing preview

There’s a great tradition in British theatre of using schools, be they the privileged public school system or the local comp, as metaphors for the various ills that have beset the whole country. The latest foray into this territory comes from one of the…