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Theatre review: The Slab Boys

16 Feb 20153 stars

John Byrne's classic play gets a solid revival, marking the Citz's 70th anniversary

Paint festoons the surfaces, murky smudges tint the studio glass: daubings of crisp be-suited devils line one side of the room, with a pencil drawn Rebel Without a Cause James Dean taking pride of place on the other. This is the slab room, so called for…

Revival of John Byrne's The Slab Boys marks the Citizens Theatre's 70th anniversary

9 Feb 2015

John Byrne on why his 1957 tale is as relevant now as it was in the height of punk

The revival of John Byrne’s 1978 masterpiece The Slab Boys is an appropriate choice for the Citizens’ 70th birthday. Eventually expanded into a trilogy – with a fourth play added in the 21st century – it has become one of Scotland’s most influential…

2015 Highlights: Stage

17 Dec 2014

Featuring: Manipulate, Slab Boys, Coppelia, Cirkopolis, Kevin Bridges and Glasgow Comedy Festival

Weaving together puppetry, visual theatre and dance, Manipulate's vision is international, experimental and accessible. Kicking off with Edinburgh Festival hit Maria Addolorata, which examines the limits of physical pain and ecstatic joy, through dance…

Tutti Frutti - feature

12 Sep 2006

Cult fiction

Steve Cramer talks to John Byrne about history, our relationship with the past and his new stage adaptation of his cult television hit, Tutti Frutti.