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Timeline: the key moments in Scottish visual art over the last 25 years

27 Mar 2014

In honour of the Generation project, we look at the key moments in Scotland's contemporary scene

Throughout the late 80s and 90s, Glasgow School of Art produces an incredible number of acclaimed young artists. In particular, the Environmental Art course, established in 1985 by David Harding, includes Douglas Gordon, Christine Borland, Jim Lambie…

Cry Parrot New Year Fest - Nice & Sleazy, Glasgow, Fri 13 Jan

1 Feb 20124 stars

Snapshot of Scotland’s restless underground featuring Sacred Paws

Not so much a ‘hot tips for 2012’ shindig as a snapshot of Scotland’s restless underground, the second night of independent promoter Cry Parrot’s new bands residency is dominated by electronica, but there’s room for polyrhythmic guitar’n’drum jams too.

Toby Paterson: Ever Growing Never Old

19 Mar 20095 stars

MIXED MEDIA For anyone who’s ever stood in front of a piece of work by Toby Paterson and thought, ‘It’s nice … but I just don’t get it’, then this exhibition is for you. Ever Growing Never Old is a clear statement of how Paterson works, what inspires…