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World Tour of Crail - Various venues, Crail, Thu 20 & Fri 21 Feb 2014

24 Feb 20145 stars

King Creosote and co host some community gigs, with Withered Hand, Lomond Campbell and Jo Foster

There's a sign above Julia's cafe in Crail that reads, 'Come in for a cuppa'. What it does not say is that your scones will be sound-tracked by homeboy King Creosote, singing his heart out to 20 people. It does not mention that country-gospel…

The Leg - Oozing A Crepuscular Light

8 Nov 20134 stars

Whip-cracking gallop through eight oddly melodious tracks

A lot can happen in 23 minutes. It certainly does in the new album by The Leg, mercurial junkyard auteur Dan Mutch's manic spleen-venting songwriting vehicle over four albums and the best part of a decade. With cellist Pete Harvey and drummer Alun…

Pale Imitation brings music programme of local acts to Edinburgh during 2013 Fringe

30 Jul 2013

RM Hubbert, Malcolm Middleton and Sparrow & The Workshop among highlights

It’s a bold promoter that tries to place a celebration of local, independent music amid the multi-arts bustle of the Edinburgh festivals. Tigerfest went toe-to-toe with the Fringe in the mid-00s, before shifting out of the capital and out of August…

Et Tu Brute??? - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Wed 20 Mar 2013

22 Apr 20134 stars

Avant-garage hardcore supergroup peddling intense and wilfully no-fi sound

Edinburgh scene super-groups don't come along every day, yet the arrival of Et tu Brute??? opening a four-band House of Crust bill headlined by Californian punks, Fracas, is a tantalising prospect. Initiated by Edinburgh School For the Deaf/St Judes…

The Leg - An Eagle to Saturn

26 Apr 20122 stars

Absurdist punk more confusing than worthwhile?

Terrifyingly obscure and possibly dangerous are pretty much the only ways to describe this offering from Edinburgh's The Leg. Definitely not one for the faint-hearted or easily offended as tracks cover some pretty dark ideas. Shouted lyrics sound eerily…

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Edinburgh's Retreat festival 2011

27 May 2011

A fine August ending to Edinburgh’s annual festival hoopla

It’ll be the fourth year running for the pocket-sized festival, which the organisers describe as ‘an independent micro music festival celebrating Edinburgh’s contribution to the international pop underground.’ And by ‘pop underground’, last year that…

The A Band

25 Aug 2010

Broken toys make music in a back garden

In the front room of a rough and not very ready shop-front, a man is reading the classic cut-ups of William Burroughs Nova Express by way of that day’s Metro into a microphone while two or three people manipulate a chaos of kids toys and old radios on…

Twonkey's Cottage sees polymath Paul Vickers hit stand-up

14 Aug 2010

Dawn of the Replicants and The Leg collaborator get absurdist

He’s mad as a box of frogs, this one. Paul Vickers (the frontman of Dawn of the Replicants, a frequent collaborator with The Leg, a veteran of five John Peel Sessions and now a stand-up comedian) is bringing a deeply absurd comedy show to this year’s…

Paul Vickers & The Leg - Itchy Grumble

1 Feb 20104 stars

(SL Records) A sophomore album project for ex-Dawn of the Replicants frontman Paul Vickers and former Khaya/Desc buddies Dan Mutch, Pete Harvey and Alun Thomas; the latter part of the Leg alumni also a former ballboy and St Jude’s Infirmary…

Edinburgh's Hidden Door brings artists and musicians to Roxy Art House

15 Jan 2010

The poster for ‘Hidden Door’ says it all. Or rather, the shaky-handed woodcut-styled image advertising Edinburgh’s new cross-artform weekender at The Roxy Art House, doesn’t. As a shadowy, long-coated figure tentatively peers through the cracks of some…

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The Leg - What Happened to the Shrunken Tina Turner

17 Sep 20092 stars

Edinburgh-based arthouse indie maverick Dan Mutch has provided flickers of genius in previous bands Khaya and Desc, but latest incarnation The Leg is wilfully obscure to vanishing point. Compared to their recent inventive collaboration with Dawn of the…

The Pineapple Chunks vs The Leg

10 Aug 20094 stars

Confusion Is Sex, The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Fri 7 Aug 2009

So what do you get if you put two of Edinburgh’s most maverick and free-spirited guitar-based bands side by side in a nightclub’s upstairs café after midnight, then get them to play their own sets – at the same time? In the case of this curious and…


6 Aug 2009

A mini-festival of fantastically named locally sourced indie

Shopping local is even better when it’s free. So it goes with the second edition of Retreat!, a bijou DIY all-day smorgasbord of 14 acts, many of whom are culled from Edinburgh’s fertile lo-fi anti-folk circuit. Rather than hosting a slew of drippy boys…

5 Questions: Gamma Ray Dali

24 Jul 2009

We talk to Gamma Ray Dali who orchestrates the madness that is Confusion is Sex, a multi-sensory clubbing experience featuring live sets from Big Ned and The Leg vs The Pineapple Chunks and far more besides for this Festival special.

Leg, The

26 Apr 20073 stars


ROCK Those who have been hanging about the venues of Edinburgh for a few years now might know this lot as ‘the band formerly known as Desc and Khaya’. Every vague shift in musical direction from long-time collaborators Dan Mutch, Pete Harvey and Alun…