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Christian Bale: Donald Trump thought I was Bruce Wayne

12 Dec 2018

Film gossip

Christian Bale thinks Donald Trump thought he was Bruce Wayne. The 'Dark Knight Rises' star – who also played the Caped Crusader in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight' – shot scenes for the sequel at Trump Tower back in 2011, and he has revealed…

Marion Cotillard's Dark Knight Rises 'overreaction'

28 Nov 2016

Film gossip

Marion Cotillard thinks people "overreacted" to her infamous 'Dark Knight Rises' death scene. The 'Allied' star portrayed villain Miranda Tat/ Talia al Ghul in the 2012 superhero movie in which her character passed away abruptly, and the Hollywood…

Marion Cotillard: I'm my own biggest critic

13 Nov 2016

Film gossip

Marion Cotillard is her own biggest critic. The French actress has revealed that regardless of the criticism she may receive from a cinema expert, it will never be as severe as her own personal take her performance. Marion explained: "There's…

Hugh Jackman eyes Tom Hardy for Wolverine role

25 Sep 2015

Film gossip

Hugh Jackman wants Tom Hardy to play the next Wolverine. The 46-year-old actor, who has played the superhero since 2000, announced earlier this year his upcoming appearance in 'Wolverine 3' will be his last, but he's already been eyeing up people…

Tom Hardy to produce and star in 100 Bullets?

12 Aug 2015

Film gossip

Tom Hardy is set to produce and potentially star in '100 Bullets'. The British actor - whose previous film credits include 'The Dark Knight Rises', 'Bronson' and 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - has signed up to produce the adaptation of the acclaimed comic…

Zoë Kravitz too 'urban' for Batman

17 Jul 2015

Film gossip

Zoë Kravitz was too "urban" to star in 'The Dark Knight Rises'. The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' actress has revealed she wasn't able to audition for a small role in the blockbuster film. She explained: "In the last Batman movie, they told me that I…

New on Amazon Prime UK and MUBI: July 2015

24 Jun 2015

The charming Paddington, The Dark Knight Rises and The Nine Muses lead July lineup

Embrace the empathy, make a stash of marmalade sandwiches and watch the heart-warming family adventure Paddington which is coming to Amazon Instant Video in July. Ben Whishaw voices the polite bear who when uprooted from darkest Peru, stows away on a…

Cillian Murphy credits success to fame-shy approach

25 Sep 2014

Film gossip

Cillian Murphy thinks his low-key approach to life makes it easier to appear convincing on screen. The 38-year-old is notoriously camera shy - preferring to live a quiet life with his wife Yvonne McGuinness and their two sons, Malachy and Aran…

Tom Hardy to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond?

15 Sep 2013

Film gossip

Tom Hardy is reportedly being lined up to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. The 'Dark Knight Rises' star is at the top of the list to take over from the 'Skyfall' actor once his time as the fictional British spy comes to an end after his next two…

Nolan, Lee or Refn to direct Bond 24?

29 May 2013

Film gossip

Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee and Nicolas Winding Refn are in the running to direct the next James Bond film. 'The Dark Knight Rises' director, the 'Life of Pi' helmer and the 'Drive' filmmaker are all hot contenders to take control of Eon and…

Dark Knight writer's block inspired Man of Steel

26 Mar 2013

Film gossip

David S. Goyer conceived 'Man of Steel' while he had writer's block scripting 'The Dark Knight Rises'. The screenwriter has revealed he came up with the plot for the hotly anticipated superhero film during a difficult period when he and producer…

Christopher Nolan's Hollywood ambitions

7 Dec 2012

Film gossip

Christopher Nolan always wanted to make "big scale Hollywood movies". The 'Dark Knight Rises' filmmaker was initially attracted to working in the film industry because of the huge budget films and always harboured a dream to work on the kind of movie…

Christopher Nolan would make 'extraordinary' Bond film

27 Nov 2012

Film gossip

Christopher Nolan would make an "extraordinary" James Bond film. 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'Skyfall' special effects supervisor Chris Corbould thinks the 42-year-old director is the perfect pick to spearhead the next 007 movie because he has a…

Tom Hardy aims for poaching movie

17 Oct 2012

Film gossip

Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are to team up on two new Warner Bros. movies. The trio look set to work on a film about animal poaching and one about trafficking through their respective production companies, Material Pictures…

Batman in film: The changing face of an ever-evolving franchise

18 Jul 2012

The journey from camp 60s TV to darker 21st century incarnation

As Batman returns, once again, to the cinema, Hannah McGill looks back at a changing franchise that has evolved from camp 60s television to a darker 21st century incarnation

Batman: Knightfall

18 Jul 20124 stars

Timely re-issue that showcases Bane, 'the man who broke the Bat'

Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is one of the most anticipated blockbusters of 2012. Not only will we get Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but Tom Hardy stars as brutal criminal Bane. To film fans, Bane is a bit of an unknown quantity, but comics…

The Dark Knight Rises

16 Jul 20125 stars

Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to his Batman trilogy is set to be the blockbuster of the year

If, as was rumoured, Christopher Nolan was initially reluctant to make a third Batman film, you wouldn’t know it from The Dark Knight Rises. Drawing from plotlines from both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, it feels like it was always meant to be a…