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War on Christmas: interview with Gary McNair

16 Dec 2014

Comedian joyrides the festive season through the Arches by declaring War on Christmas

Enjoy your season, but rather more than that. Enjoy your life, find a way to get happiness every single day, instead of being forced into someone else’s preconceived notion of happiness for a rather stressful period in December. Let Christmas go, relax…

Interview: Thomas Butler, composer of Elbow Room

9 May 2014

The project, comprising archive clips and field recordings, explores the psychogeography of cities

Your theme seems strangely apt in the wake of the recent Red Road flats controversy, was that deliberate? Actually, no. Red Road was coincidental. My project began over a year ago, during my residency with Red Note Ensemble, and was looking at Glasgow…

Wild Beasts - The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 27 Mar 2014

31 Mar 20145 stars

Hayden Thorpe and co play a special set of celestial songs from new album Present Tense

Present Tense, Wild Beast's fourth album, has been showered with acclaim since its release earlier this month. Rightfully so too, it's an exquisite record which cements the Kendal group's gradual evolution from carnal, loquacious, indie upstarts, into…

Danny Brown – The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 15 Jun 2013

18 Jun 20133 stars

Energetic show from bizarre Detroit rapper fails to keep crowd’s attention

By no means the sole hot ticket of Glasgow’s gig scene this evening (The Stone Roses are performing just along the road), an appearance from Detroit rapper Danny Brown at the Arches nevertheless generates a certain level of excitement among the…

Raime (live), part of Sonic Cineplex - The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 16 Feb

18 Feb 20133 stars

A solid and engaging sound from the London duo, with disappointing visuals

Armed with one of 2012’s starkest releases, Quarter Turns Over a Living Line released on the uber-slick record label Blackest Ever Black and performances at last year's Unsound festival and London's South Bank, this London duo's post-industrial…

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Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst tours with band Desaparecidos

19 Dec 2012

Fan campaign via Songkick Detour to bring Oberst's old band to UK

Good news for Conor Oberst fans. The Nebraskan singer-songwriter just announced a small handful of UK dates for February next year, including a stop-off at the Arches in Glasgow. Desaparecidos is a rock band featuring the man known better to many as…

The best theatre productions of 2012

12 Dec 2012

Featuring Ulysses, Macbeth, Further Than the Furthest Thing, Betrayal and Beats

1 Ulysses Dermot Bolger’s adaptation of Joyce’s masterpiece is a textbook example of how to transfer a doorstopper of a literary classic onto the stage, wisely focusing on the humour and humanity in Joyce’s account of a single day in Dublin in a series…

Hot 100 2012: 29-20

11 Dec 2012

Chvrches, Cora Bissett and Grant Morrison among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2012

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2012, you'll find them here.

Death Disco celebrates 10 years in action... and bids farewell

12 Nov 2012

The Death Disco XXXmas party - featuring guest Jacques Lu Cont - will be the club night's finale

It seems apt that during their 21st birthday season, the Arches is welcoming back one of its best-loved and longest-running club nights to help mark its own significant anniversary. Celebrating ten years’ involvement in Glasgow’s clubscene, the…

Theatre and live performance spaces in Scotland

7 Nov 2012

Profiles of Citizens, Dundee Rep, Traverse, Eden Court Theatre and more

The Arches. Subterranean vaults beneath Glasgow’s Central Station where you’ll catch a new generation of theatremakers, live artists and musicians following in the tracks of Nic Green, Kieran Hurley and Rob Drummond. Citizens Artistic director…

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The Arches: 21 defining moments

18 Oct 2012

The cutting edge venue turns 21 this year - here are some of the stand-out moments in its history

1. Cafe Loco October 1991 First set up as an experiment by Arches founder Andy Arnold to bring theatre to clubbers, Cafe Loco showcased numerous emerging and experimental performers including early sightings of performance company Mischief La…

A guide to the Edinburgh and Glasgow LGBT scene

31 Aug 2012

Clubs, bars, films, visual art, sports events and festivals all covered

Glasgow Not short of club nights, Glasgow has a reasonable mix of the mainstream and the leftfield. Play and Polo Lounge offer reasonably priced midweek nights, while FHQ in Merchant City is a ladies-only bar with affordable, regular nights including…

A guide to Edinburgh and Glasgow music venues

31 Aug 2012

The radio DJ and gig promoter Ally McCrae brings you the best of the cities’ music mayhem

OK, so if you’ve chosen to come to Glasgow for four years of solitude, hard study and early nights then that is cool, but be warned, you will be looking a very large musical gift horse in the mouth. There are too many live venues to list. You’ll no…

A guide to theatre and comedy venues in Glasgow and Edinburgh

31 Aug 2012

Comedian and performer Sian Bevan selects the best places to find the hottest on-stage talent

So you fancy a side-dish of live performance to go with that Jägerbomb? Well, you lucky trickster, Glasgow and Edinburgh are packed with places to go no matter who you’re trying to pull. Let’s start with theatres, shall we? In Glasgow the cool kids…

From the Margins – Adrian Searle, Alasdair Gray

16 Feb 2012

Writers pick the other artists they'd reclaim from the margins

Adrian Searle, co-editor of Gutter magazine and publisher at Freight Books Which artist, writer, musician, filmmaker would you reclaim from the 'margins'? Walker Hamilton is a writer I'd reclaim. Originally from Airdrie, he died at the tragically…

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Is this a golden era for Scottish literature?

1 Feb 2012

Alan Bissett, Helen Fitzgerald and Allan Wilson survey the current literary lansdscape

Alan Bissett The contention is that Scottish literature – due to a combination of factors, including centralised buying by book chains and a backlash against post-Trainspotting fiction – has undergone a difficult time of late, but that the tide is…

The Hot 100 2011: 100-50

16 Dec 2011

The definitive list of Scottish creative talent

100: Gordon Ferris. Kilmarnock crime author makes good. The already packed Scottish crime writing field has finally found a bit of elbow room for another burgeoning talent. Joining the likes of Rankin, Brookmyre, McDermid and co is this Ayrshire-born…

Tom Pritchard: As Yet Untitled

27 May 2011

The Arches' associate artist-in-residence looks forward to a new improvisational collaboration

For most performers it’s the stuff of nightmares – finding yourself centre stage with no knowledge of script or steps. For dancer and choreographer Tom Pritchard, however, it’s the ideal scenario. Currently associate artist at The Arches, Pritchard is…

Tam Dean Burn and White Horse Collective at Arches' New Works New Worlds festival

24 Jun 2010

For several years now, the Arches’ New Works New Worlds festival has produced alternative views of both art and the world, and the signs are that Glasgow audiences are increasingly aware of it as a place to go for ideas that swim outside the…

Internal and Adrian Howells among highlights of Arches Behaviour festival

21 Apr 2010

In the era of the ASBO, more restrictions are placed on our behaviour than existed a generation ago. Our media focuses so much attention on the possibility of dangers presented by other people’s behaviour that we end up fearing others while policing our…

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Life Long

18 Feb 2010

The Arches Off-Site strand continues with this peformance piece from Glas(s), which celebrates the 52-year marriage of Tillie and Ronnie Jeffrey, who met at Paisley Town Hall in 1952. The show movingly explores what it means to share a lifetime with one…

Pere Ubu, Mogwai, Thomas Truax and Zombie Zombie set for The Glasgow Music and Film Festival

17 Feb 2010

The Music and Film Festival is a strange beast, full of contradictions and tangents that threaten to pull apart its coherence, but ultimately make it the most exciting strand of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival. Co-curated by the Arches, and featuring…

Arches Off-Site

20 Jan 2010

Forget being entertained from the comfort of a velvety chair in an auditorium. Recent theatre performances in underground vaults, toilet cubicles or lifts have opened Scottish audiences’ eyes to the added value that site specific and promenade…

The Orb

1 Oct 2009

Ambient electronica legends in Glasgow

The Orb brought ambient to the masses. The brainchild of Dr Alex Paterson the band emerged from the early house scene, manning the decks at Paul Oakenfold’s Land of Oz in 1988. ‘We split £90 between us when we did the six-hour chill out sessions. Our…

In the frame

12 Aug 2009

Is it just us who think the Arches really can do no wrong? Adding to their to-do list, is a collaboration with next year’s Glasgow Film Festival. Titled ‘The Music Video,’ the GFF is accepting submissions for next year’s festival, in a bid to encourage…