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Liberty Art Fabrics and Fashion

3 Aug 20184 stars

A history of the iconic label that will leave fashionistas drooling

It's now 140 years since Arthur Lasenby Liberty opened his emporium on London's Regent Street and began writing his own peculiarly British chapter on fabric design. This exhibition, adapted from a show at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London, explores…

Pehchaan and the India Street Bazaar

19 May 2016

Two fascinating exhibitions at Tramway produced in collaboration with Indian artists and designers

The phrase ‘Indian art’, for most of us, calls up images of classical Indian painting: brightly clothed figures in scenes from mythology. There won’t be much of that in evidence in Pehchaan, a major exhibition of Indian art at Tramway 2. Pehchaan…

Nick Sargent: A Scottish Land

16 Sep 20114 stars

Bold and charming celebration of the Scottish landscape

With A Scottish Land, one-time set and costume designer and Edinburgh resident Nick Sargent returns to Oliver Chapman Architects in-house gallery space for the first time since their inaugural exhibition. Inspired by a photograph of a generic…

Central Station: Angharad McLaren

27 May 2011

A profile of the Glasgow-based textile designer

Angharad McLaren designs and makes contemporary woven textiles in her studio at the Briggait in Glasgow. A lover of sailing, rock climbing and windsurfing she sources unusual sports-related materials such as climbing ropes, sail materials and neoprene…

The rising stars from Glasgow School of Art’s textile department

7 Mar 2011

New fashion talent emerging from Glasgow

Glasgow School of Art’s Newbery Tower is one of the highest points in the city: a grim, grey beacon to 1970s architecture. Its scheduled demolition this summer is set to change the city’s skyline dramatically, which is why for this year’s annual fashion…

The Inventors of Tradition profiles traditional garments and social histories

26 Jan 20114 stars

Exhibition charts history of textile industry in Scotland

That ubiquitous ‘Scotland with Style’ byline invented by city marketing in Glasgow gets renewed historical validation in this exhibition that is many things woven into one. Inventors of Tradition is an archival show of the Scottish textiles industry…

New exhibition The Inventors of Tradition examines Scotland’s textile past

19 Jan 2011

Glasgow exhibition of samples, promotional materials and films

The glory days of Scotland’s textile industry, when the Borders whirred with knitting machines and tweed was a viable alternative to central heating, seem a long time ago. Post-globalisation, garments with the ‘Made in Scotland’ label are about as…

This is Now: From Drawing to Contexture

6 Aug 20093 stars

Well-stocked ragbag from a new wave of textile artists

The first impact of this show, and the most enduring, is the overwhelming urge to touch. Perhaps it’s no surprise that the artworks are more tactile than, say, a series of oil paintings.

Cycling Up the Hill with My Dad

9 Jul 20093 stars

MIXED MEDIA This father and daughter exhibition features ceramics by David Heminsley and textiles by Claire Heminsley. The pair undertook a cycling trip together in order to start planning their joint exhibition. Intended as a contemporary show with…

Art College Degree Shows

11 Jun 2009

Edinburgh College of Art Lizzy Stewart: Illustration Stewart’s work adorns record sleeves, editorial pages, zines and books. Her vivid prints, including ‘Giant Bear in a Tiny Village’ (pictured), will be on display alongside illustrations for Dee…