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Interview: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak set for keynote address at Turing Festival

10 Aug 2012

Computer pioneer talks on the art of technology at Edinburgh festival

Ahead of his keynote address at the Turing Festival, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, speaks to Gail Tolley about fostering entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunities technology offers in the arts and being an artist of a different kind.

Design and Democracy exhibition - Free Family Weekend to mark St Andrew's Day

16 Nov 2011

Free events include building your own rocket and radio-controlled car

Design affects the lives of all of us. Whether it’s an intuitive new phone, a car that tells us we’ve left the lights on, or the Kindle doing something nobody expected and actually improving on the design of a book, who of us have not had our lives…

Getting Digital Webinar: New Tools for Fundraising in the Cultural Sector

11 Oct 2011

How the creative sector can use social media for fundraising and audience building

Social media and mobile tools are great for staying in touch with friends, but how many creatives are exploring such tools to target their marketing and raise crucial funds? The joint Amb:IT:Ion Scotland and Arts & Business Scotland event offers arts…

Scottish Storytelling Festival 2011

20 Sep 2011

21st festival includes Homer’s Odyssey and contributions from Corsica, Cypus and Sardinia

Reaching 21 is a landmark event for everyone, and the Scottish Storytelling Festival is no exception. From fairly humble beginnings at the former Netherbow Theatre, the Festival has grown to encompass not just Edinburgh and Glasgow, but Dundee…

TED Global 2011 talks set for Edinburgh

28 Jun 2011

Alain de Botton, Niall Ferguson and Robin Ince deliver talks in Scotland's capital

A slew of artists, musicians, scientists, architects, historians, filmmakers, actresses and many more will descend on the capital this July, as part of a four-day programme devoted to ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. Helmed by non-profit organisation TED, the…

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StAnza 2011 poetry festival launches

17 Mar 2011

US poet Kevin Young among programme highlights

The five day StAnza poetry festival opened in St Andrews yesterday, launching its varied programme of verse, art and music. Always a luminous affair amid the dreich days of March, the festival, now in its 13th year, brings poetic talent from all over…

Family weekend: Rebels with a Cause – The Jacobites and the Global Imagination

17 Nov 2010

Traditional music, egg decorating and quiz among highlights of weekend of free children's events

Rebels with a Cause – The Jacobites and the Global Imagination Wednesday 27 October to Saturday 8 January (closed Sundays except Sunday 28 November and 24 - 28, 31 December and 1 - 3 January) Monday and Friday 10:00 - 16.00 (last entry 15:30)…

Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2010

14 Aug 2010

Now into its eighth year, the international festival of computer gaming and technology is far more integrated with the festival proper this year, offering public screenings of the Total War series and previews of Playstation Minis, along with a variety…

Festival of Politics - Annie Lennox on HIV/AIDS in South Africa

14 Aug 2010

Founder of the SING campaign set for Edinburgh appearance

1. Becoming a UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador recently has strengthened and broadened my platform. Michel Sidibé, the director of UNAIDS, is a real visionary who has a very clear and innovative directive as to how he wants to lead the response to the HIV…

Glasgow walk encourages critical engagement with centre

14 Aug 2010

Guided walk of city explores use of urban space

The skyscraper-crammed stretch of city centre basking in the title Glasgow’s International Financial Services District is a strange place at the best of times. During the day, the tower blocks are full of call-centre workers; at night the street corners…

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John Prescott and Menzies Campbell among highlights of Festival of Politics 2010

16 Jul 2010

Edinburgh Festival tackles big ideas

The Politics of Comedy Will the ConDemNation we all live in now spark a new political comedy or has all that stuff been left behind in the 80s? Is it all just about the money and not trying to frighten the horses? How do the likes of Jimmy Carr and…

Martin Bell, Mark Thomas and Annie Lennox set for Festival of Politics

16 Jul 2010

Power of the People event examines political process

Were you depressed by the outcome of the general election? The Conservatives back in power despite being all but annihilated in Scotland. Labour collapsed despite being endorsed north of the border. The Lib Dems putting Cameron in Downing Street. The…

Annie Lennox provides HIV/AIDS campaign update

16 Jul 2010

Festival of Politics 2010

A regular visitor to the Scottish Parliament come August time, former Eurythmics co-leader Annie Lennox takes part in two events. First up she is joined by comic Mark Thomas and former war correspondent turned independent MP Martin Bell in Power of the…

Edinburgh International Magic Festival joins city's roster

18 Jun 2010

The first ever Edinburgh International Magic Festival, running between 7 - 11 July 2010, promises to situate the crowds 'inches away' from the action. Top illusionists, hypnotists and mind readers will descend, as if by magic, upon the city for five…

After Dolly: Where Do You Draw the Line?

9 Jun 2010

It’s been 13 years since Edinburgh-based scientists successfully cloned a sheep, and as the first man-made life forms blubber onto the planet, scientists from Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, where Dolly the Sheep was created, get together with their…

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Nathan Coley gives free talks about work with Philip Long

20 May 2010

The Turner-nominated Dundonian talks about his work with Philip Long, curator at the Gallery of Modern Art. Among the topics for discussion will be 2007’s illuminated sign-work There Will Be No Miracles Here, one of the works that earned him the Turner…

What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures - Malcolm Gladwell interview

29 Apr 2010

It takes a certain kind of man to pen a highbrow yarn about tomato ketchup. But then Malcolm Gladwell is no ordinary man. Part super geek, part pop psychologist, Gladwell has gained considerable kudos for smarting up in a dumbed down world with his…

Edinburgh International Science Festival

7 Apr 2010

Science is neither just for school kids, nor for stuffy academics – at least that’s the message at this year’s annual Edinburgh science jamboree. The festival is seeking to rouse the interest of people in their late teens and early 20s, as well as the…

Hitlist: Around Town

2 Oct 2009

The best talks and walks

Beyond the Corporation: Taking Control of Our Everyday Lives, An Evening with Kevin Smith, Gude Cause: Recreating the 1909 Suffragette March, An Audience with Arun Gandhi, Just a Little Run Around the World – Rosie Swale Pope, Scottish Ballet: Outside In

A Life in Politics - Clare Short

13 Jul 2009

Hear the independent MP discuss her career and the issues

Toeing the party line may not be Clare Short’s biggest strength. The feisty politician has frequently received criticism for straying very vocally ‘off message’, and once declared the House of Commons as ‘one of the most depressing and intellectually…

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Best of the Rest - Politics

13 Jul 2009

Political highlights at the Edinburgh Festivals

Highlights include Annie Lennox and the SING campaign, From Darwin to Dolly: And Beyond, A Life in Politics: Dennis Canavan, Devolution and the Arts, Young Peoples Question Time, Burns' Radical Voice and Love But Her

David Simon - not for 'the average viewer'

13 Jul 2009

The creator of 'The Wire' comes to Edinburgh

Aside from his Charlotte Square appearance, David Simon will also be presenting a masterclass as part of the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Yet, there are many more out there in Festival city who would love to get a chance to hear from the…

Germaine Greer at the Festival of Politics

13 Jul 2009

The writer joins the Future Scotland Debate on Sustainable Places

If anyone can get punters fired up about politics it’s Germaine Greer. Relations between MPs and the electorate are at an all-time low; kids can’t be bothered to get off the computer to vote; and our PM’s position is looking decidedly precarious. So…

The Scottish Parliament Debate: Past, Present and Future

13 Jul 2009

BBC Scotland's political editor Brian Taylor chairs views on parliament's many issues

It’s now ten long years since Winnie Ewing, as the oldest member of the newly reformed institution, declared: ‘the Scottish Parliament, adjourned on the 25th day of March in the year 1707, is hereby reconvened.’ In the period since devolution, the…

Edinburgh Enlightenment

11 Jun 2009

Edinburghers get rather used to their city being turned into a vessel for internationally-reaching performances and concerns/a gentleman’s club for members of the stand-up comedy fraternity every August. It’s kinda nice, then, to see one of the…