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Bill Bailey interview

10 Sep 2007

Audiences filing into the ‘humungoid shed’ of the Clyde Auditorium for the opening nights of Tinselworm, Bill Bailey’s new national tour, will be fighting for nothing less than the UK’s standing in Europe and democracy itself. Following year on year…

Davey Anderson - one to watch

10 Sep 2007

I went back to Glasgow Uni to do a talk recently. They asked me to give the students career advice, and I just thought: ‘Are you kidding? Become a doctor!’ Against my better judgement, I studied music, film and TV. It was a great time; you meet…

Idlewild interview

10 Sep 2007

Few bands can last 12 years these days, so it’s refreshing to hear that Idlewild are as invigorated as ever about their musical predicament. Roddy Woomble tells Doug Johnstone why ‘We’ve always been the band of bad timing, haven’t we?’ laughs Idlewild…

Maggie Gyllenhaal interview

10 Sep 2007

From her award-winning turn as a shy self-harmer turned provocateur in Secretary to her recent role as a recovering junkie in SherryBaby, Maggie Gyllenhaal has long been the poster girl for disenchanted heroines, wowing the critics and attracting a…

Spotlight on The Arches

10 Sep 2007

"We run two festivals of theatre a year. Arches Live! in September tends to feature younger, more emergent theatre makers. I like mixing experimental, obscure works with accessible, sexier pieces: this year Adrian Howells and Lonetwin are presenting new…

The Sub Club's 20th birthday

10 Sep 2007

Interviewees: Co-directors Mike Grieve and Paul Crawford, Keith McIvor AKA Twitch (resident at Optimo), Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo), Harri (Subculture) and Dave Clarke (Slam Events) What sets the Sub Club apart from other venues? Dave Clarke: It has…

Top art exhibitions to look out for

10 Sep 2007

Edinburgh Picasso on Paper See panel. Dean Gallery, 73 Belford Road, Edinburgh, 0131 624 6200, until Sun 23 Sep. Ian McCulloch Drawings, paintings and woodcuts spanning the artist’s forty year career. RSA, The Mound, Edinburgh, 0131…

Top films to look out for over the next few months

10 Sep 2007

Michael Clayton Having charmed the ladies with his third Danny Ocean caper, George Clooney makes another of his ‘mature movies’, and it’s nothing less than an existential thriller. The Cloonster plays the fix-it guy for a law firm’s dodgy rich clients…

Top gigs to watch out for over the next few months

10 Sep 2007

Richard Hawley Sheffield-born singer-songwriter and ex-Pulp/Longpigs man returns with more highly acclaimed epic guitar pop. Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, 0131 668 2019, Fri 14 Sep. Gwen Stefani Everyone’s favourite ska rocker turned electro pop…