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Theatre review: The Last Yankee

6 Oct 20154 stars

Rapture Theatre celebrate Arthur Miller's birth with aplomb.

Split over three brick-print screens, the fractured flag of the USA looms like a spectre over Rapture's latest production. The distressed red, white, and blue contrasts sharply with the clinically beige set and stands as an ominous symbol of the central…

Factor 9

5 Aug 20144 stars

A shocking true story about contaminated NHS blood, performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Prepare to be physically shaken by Factor 9. The show from Inverness' Dogstar Theatre – which has already toured to rave reviews – alternately elicits tears, nausea and trembling rage that this true story could ever have been allowed to happen. It tells…

Sleeping Beauty Insomnia

15 May 20124 stars

Israeli War-set play with absorbing characterisation and comedy

Lebanese playwright Abdelrahim Alawji bounds to the front of the stage. ‘This play is set in a theatre, during the Israeli war, where people used to hide during the...’ Then boom, acrid smoke and the lights go up on two figures clinging on to each…

The Curse of the Starving Class

2 Apr 20094 stars

AMERICAN DRAMA In Sam Shepard’s still-relevant 1978 black comedy we meet an alcoholic father (Christopher Fairbank) whose violence towards the structure of his own dirt-poor rural house looks like threatening put-upon wife (Carla Mendonca). Her…

Broken Glass

22 May 20073 stars

SCOTTISH PREMIERE Whenever someone expresses a view that dissents from the mainstream it makes others feel uncomfortable, and they may feel the need to find a label for them. In his own time, Arthur Miller endured a good deal of abuse from various…

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

29 Jan 2007

REVIVAL Judy Garland said to her daughter: ‘Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.’ The title character of Little Voice seems to have it the wrong way round; she’s unsure of herself but first rate at imitating…