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Stephen K Amos: 'When it descends into abuse, you've lost the argument'

6 Feb 2019

Stalwart of the comedy scene discusses his new show Bouquets And Brickbats

The crowd-pleasing comedy juggernaut that is Stephen K Amos is currently on tour with Bouquets And Brickbats, a show about personal loss and the miserable state of the planet. Here, he tells us about talking on stage about the recent deaths of both his…

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 interview: comedian Stephen K Amos finds his Fringe groove

25 Jul 2014

'I can ask the audience the awkward, challenging questions. Ultimately, though, they’ve got to laugh

Stephen K Amos seems to have found his Fringe groove, annually playing to an appreciative crowd at the Stand with a show that he will tour later in the year and hosting a chat show at the Gilded Balloon. Those separate events help him indulge his chief…

Stand-up for Russia and PaulMooners celebrate good causes at the Fringe 2013

20 Aug 2013

John Bishop, Ed Byrne, Stephen K Amos and Joe Lycett among charitable comedy performers

PaulMooners, A Fullmooners Moontacular  This week a benefit gig is being thrown for the highly regarded comedy director, Paul Byrne, who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and is currently undergoing treatment in London. The line-up includes…

2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Comedy highlights

11 Jul 2012

Tim Key, Andrew Doyle, Andrew Maxwell, Dylan Moran and more

Andrew Doyle. Last year, Doyle’s show featured some pretty ripe comedy bravado during a Crash Course in Depravity, while for this August he’s doing Whatever it Takes. Bold words from a daring comic. Andrew Maxwell. One of the most reliably gifted…

First raft of shows from 2012 Edinburgh Fringe programme

5 Mar 2012

Stewart Lee, Jimmy Carr, Rhod Gilbert and more to appear at Fringe 2012

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has revealed around 60 shows to take place at this year's event in August. The announcement comes weeks before the full line-up announcement on Thu 31 May. Comedy shows form the bulk of the latest show announcements…

Susan Calman, Stephen K Amos and Bette/Cavett at Fringe 2010

23 Jul 2010

LGBT Edinburgh Fringe Highlights

The List’s LGBT section is about to take a well-earned break (returning in September, folks), but before we head off on our holidays, there’s just time to let you know about some of the gay-friendly stuff that’s appearing at a Fringe Festival near you…

LGBT highlights from Edinburgh Fringe 2010

14 Jul 2010

The List’s LGBT section is about to take a well-earned break (returning in September, folks), but before we head off on our holidays, there’s just time to let you know about some of the gay-friendly stuff that’s appearing at a Fringe Festival near you…

Comedy DVD roundup

19 Jan 2010

They might not quite be the small screen equivalent of The Broons or Oor Wullie annuals, but live DVDs from Jimmy Carr and Russell Brand are close to becoming a festive staple. Indeed, no Christmas morning seems complete nowadays without 75-odd minutes…

My Comedy Hero: Stephen K Amos on Richard Pryor

19 Jan 2010

The first time I stepped inside a comedy club was when I decided to do stand-up, so I didn’t have any comedy heroes and didn’t have a voice. But having done it for two or three years, I started looking at more and more comedy and got to know a few names…

School for Scandal

13 Aug 20091 star

School for vandals

RB Sheridan's classic comedy has much to recommend it in our current era of vacuous celebrity tittle-tattle and grotesque self-interest. Yet the normally admirable Cal McCrystal's production seems to have read the text so radically against what it seems…

Stephen K Amos: The Feelgood Factor

10 Aug 20092 stars

Or maybe not...

Irony is the currency of modern comedy, and Stephen K Amos’ show is undoubtedly an ironic experience; just not, perhaps, in the way he intended. Although it’s pitched as a feelgood experience, his hour turns out to be a very dispiriting one indeed. The…

LGBT Edinburgh Fringe Highlights

23 Jul 2009

This year’s Fringe features a good scattering of shows for those of an LGBT persuasion. Theatre pleasures range from dramatic monologues such as Jeffrey Solomon’s Mother/Son (Sweet Grassmarket, pictured above), which charts the writer/performer’s…

Edinburgh Festival 2009 - Fringe programme highlights

11 Jun 2009

Roll up, roll up. It may just seem like yesterday that the Edinburgh Fringe packed its bags for 2008 but now it’s back with a vengeance. Against stiff competition from its international and national counterparts, this year’s Fringe line-up looks…

Stephen K Amos

14 Aug 20083 stars

A hurricane of relentlessly energetic charisma, Amos has the crowd eating out of his hand for every second of his set. His comedy targets, including Facebook, American politics and audience members' hometowns tread a well-worn path, but when he hits the…

Stephen K Amos

31 Jul 2008

Who’s he then? Stephen K Amos is a 30-something actor, comedian and documentary-maker whose Batty Boy involved him going on a journey from his south London backyard to Jamaica in an attempt to discover why homophobia is so prevalent among black…

Stephen K Amos

2 Oct 2006

Word on the street was that Mr Amos was very, very close to getting a spot on the shortlist for that big comedy prize they give out in Edinburgh during August. Whether he had made it or not, his beaming smile would remain a constant feature. The…

Autumn highlights

1 Sep 2006

STAND-UP/SKETCH SHOWS Come early September and a realisation dawns on the comedy world. Yes indeed, there is life beyond the Edinburgh Fringe. Of course, those who help to schedule our comedy viewing pleasures all-year round have had their future…