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Lana Del Rey still gets stage fright

25 Jul 2014

Music gossip

Lana Del Rey still gets stage fright. While the 29-year-old singer struggled terribly with the affliction at the start of her career, she believes she is getting better but sometimes still feels like she's not sure if she can perform. Speaking…

Paolo Nutini's stage fright

4 Apr 2014

Music gossip

Paolo Nutini says "walking on stage scares the s**t" out of him. The 'Last Request' hitmaker - who will be on tour in the UK between May and June this year - insists his "nerves" drive him to take to the stage despite fears about performing in front…

Andre 3000 is suffering from severe stage fright

8 Aug 2013

Music gossip

Andre 3000 is suffering from stage fright, according to Cee Lo Green. The 38-year-old musician - one half of hip-hop duo OutKast, who released their last album in 2006 - is planning on releasing a new solo album in early 2014 and is worried that it…

Dido hypnotised to cure stage fright

24 Feb 2013

Music gossip

Dido had hypnotherapy to cure her stage fright. The 41-year-old singer underwent treatment to combat her nerves and was pleased it was successful as her anxiety was affecting her performances. She said: "I went to hypnotherapy for stage fright…

Ringo Starr's sickening stage fright

10 Apr 2012

Music Gossip

Ringo Starr gets such bad stage fright he is often sick before performances. The Beatles legend says despite being a star for over 50 years he still suffers from nerves and is scared about getting on stage. The 71-year-old drummer and singer said…

Robbie Williams' stage fright cure

21 Jul 2010

Music Gossip

Robbie Williams' stage fright may be cured by the Take That reunion tour. The singer's father Pete Conway has revealed the star - who is set to appear alongside his former bandmates for the first time in 15 years - is hoping the nerves which forced…

Stage Fright

14 May 2009

Last chance to catch this exhibition exploring the relationship between visual art and the stage, testing the nature of theatricality within the framework of a gallery. Curated by acclaimed experimental theatre company Suspect Culture, the show features…

Stage Fright

16 Apr 20093 stars

Stage Fright is a collaboration between CCA and theatre company Suspect Culture exploring the nature of theatricality through the work of Luke Collins, Felicity Croydon and Sharon Smith (Max Factory), Jonny Dawe and Nick Powell (OSKAR), Graham Eatough…