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Amazon, Penguin, Random House and the state of publishing

12 Dec 2012

Author Sophie Cooke explains why Amazon is still a bigger worry than the Random House/Penguin merger

Amazon has always presented itself as a consumer champion, decrying the greed of publishers who insist on maintaining high prices for their authors’ e-books. Amazon is all about the customer. Good service, free delivery, low prices and plenty of…

Halloween pumpkin gallery

19 Oct 2012

We asked some local creative types to carve up some Halloween pumpkins - here are the results

Sophie Cooke, writer and journalist We think Sophie may have been watching Village of the Damned before she started on this work of art. We're still having nightmares. Lari Don, children's author Lari was inspired by a character in her latest…

The List: 25 Years - A night at the Arches, Glasgow featuring Errors, King Creosote and Come on Gang!

5 Oct 2010

Event celebrates 25th anniversary of The List Magazine

After 25 years of writing about other people's events, we've decided to put on our own... and it's been worth the wait. We're taking over The Arches for one Friday night only, showcasing the best of Scottish culture, including many of favourite bands…

Telling stories while we can at The Edinburgh Book Festival

26 Aug 2008

Alan Bissett's festival blog

Today's theme is stories! The ones we tell about ourselves, our past, our bodies. What prompted this was The Fooligan at the Pleasance, a one-man show from the Arches' artist in residence, Al Seed. Al waddles onto the stage, an obese, grotesque medieval…