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21 May 20073 stars


DRAMA ‘If you like to take the [leading] character as a flattering portrait of the old party before you, you’re perfectly at liberty to do so.’ Thus the great British writer Somerset Maugham himself introduces the third story in this 1950 adaptation…

The Painted Veil

23 Apr 20074 stars

This third screen adaptation of Somerset Maugham’s novel, here directed by John Curran (We Don’t Live Here Anymore) and scripted by Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia), very successfully opens out Maugham’s astutely written but rather claustrophobic romance.

Letter, The

12 Feb 2007

The Letter

WEST END TOUR Ah, I can hear the sweets rattling now. There’s nothing like an old fashioned West End-style thriller to lighten the load of a long theatre season, and Somerset Maugham’s tale of tropical intrigue might just fit the bill. The…