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Lily Allen fears small gigs

10 Jun 2018

Music gossip

Lily Allen has "massive problems" performing intimate gigs. The 33-year-old singer feels far more comfortable singing for huge crowds as she doesn't feel the pressure to keep every single audience member happy. She explained to Stylist magazine…

Lily Allen had 'identity crisis' on Sheezus

9 Mar 2018

Music gossip

Lily Allen felt as though she lost her way on her last album 'Sheezus'. The pop star released her last LP - her third studio effort - back in 2014, but it was met with underwhelmed response from fans and critics and she was accused of cultural…

Lily Allen announces new album No Shame

24 Jan 2018

Music gossip

Lily Allen has announced her first album in three years, 'No Shame'. The 32-year-old star recently returned with the single 'Trigger Bang' with grime star Giggs, for which they dropped the music video today (24.01.18), and now she has confirmed her…

Lily Allen to cover Beyonce song

19 Sep 2013

Music gossip

Lily Allen is amused by her decision to cover a Beyonce track tonight (19.09.13). The 'Smile' hitmaker has been rehearing her unusual choice of song non-stop for her big performance at Martini's 150th birthday party in Lake Como, Italy, much to the…

Lily Allen inspired by motherhood

17 May 2013

Music gossip

Lily Allen has joked her new album will be about "nappies". The 'Fear' hitmaker has been on hiatus from the pop world since 2009 but recently returned to the recording studio and claims her lyrics draw on her new life as a wife to Sam Cooper and…

Professor Green misses Lily Allen

13 Jan 2012

Music Gossip

Professor Green wants to convince Lily Allen to come out of retirement. 'Smile' hitmaker Lily stopped making music in 2009 to focus on running her vintage clothing business, get married and have a baby but her protege, Professor Green, wants her to…