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More for less: Car boot sales

20 Jan 2010

At the sound of the klaxon, hundreds of boots pop open. We’ve been in position for a good hour already, sipping coffee from a thermos and recovering from the shock of leaving bed at a very ungodly 6.30am on a Sunday. ‘Booters’, like Sunday joggers – and…

More for less: Clothes swapping

20 Jan 2010

Swapping, swishing, switching and bitching, wardrobe editing; call it whatever you like. Gathering up a bin bag full of leftovers from your clothes rail (the too-small jeans, the dress bought in a sale that never quite ended up being ‘customised’ as…

More for less: Health, exercise and beauty

20 Jan 2010

Looking great doesn’t mean shedding vital pounds from your purse – Niki Boyle offers some sneaky hints on budget beauty Being a hairdresser’s ‘model’ can sometimes be a daunting prospect, but you can get a quality trainee cut at Rainbow Rooms in…

More for less: Smart shopping

20 Jan 2010

There’s a line of impeccable logic that applies whether you’re rich as Croesus, as poor as a church mouse, or somewhere in the middle. We all have to feed ourselves to stay upright. Eating food involves getting hold of it and preparing it. The more…

News from the shop front - January 2010

20 Jan 2010

We usually concentrate on independent shops here at List Towers, but we’re genuinely saddened to hear that Borders UK are going into administration. The Glasgow store in particular has been a real gem, with a dedicated and knowledgeable staff always…

'Use us or lose us' challenge by Scottish independent food shops

20 Jan 2010

There have been warnings from two of Glasgow’s finest food shops, Heart Buchanan on Byres Road and Delizique on Hyndland Street, who’ve mounted a ‘use us or lose us’ challenge to local shoppers. The arrival of Waitrose in the West End may have set…

Why independent shopping is cheaper than the high street

20 Jan 2010

Small, local independent shops are just as keen to reward regular customers for loyalty as their big-corp bretheren, and none of the offers below will leave you with the anticlimax of realising your three years’ worth of Boots points only entitle you to…

More for less: Online trading

20 Jan 2010

Carine Seitz tests out the online marketplace to try and bag a bargain. Who wants their manor to resemble the pages of a generic interiors catalogue? Not discerning List readers. You’re a savvy and stylish bunch who want your homes to reflect your…