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The List

13 Aug 20124 stars

Maureen Beattie delivers this bleakly poignant dramatic monologue from Stellar Quines

In 1916, American playwright Susan Glaspell wrote a one-act piece, Trifles, about two women using their intimate knowledge of the domestic sphere to hide clues right under the noses of a group of men investigating a murder. It may be nearly a century…

Stellar Quines' The List, starring Maureen Beattie, examines the female condition

28 Jul 2012

Fringe show charts story of bereaved woman struggling to come to terms with rural living

Actress Maureen Beattie is talking about cake. Not in the way that most women do, about trying to resist temptation, but more about how baking and decorating can be a creative experience. It is a symbol of domestic prowess, but also an outlet for…