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Iman Issa: Parables

23 Mar 2015

Glasgow Sculpture Studios exhibit installation and sound works by Egyptian artist

Having known Iman Issa since a meeting in the artist’s home city of Egypt in 2008, Glasgow Sculpture Studios director Kyla McDonald was keen to show her work as soon as she took over at GSS. ‘But I wasn’t quite sure how best to do this,’ says McDonald.

Ross Birrell and David Harding: where language ends

16 Mar 20155 stars

Artists transform the Talbot Rice Gallery with brilliant, prismatic installation

Ross Birrell and David Harding’s synaesthetic display transforms the Talbot Rice Gallery into a haunting and melancholic stage set with the most minimal of means. Music is the defining force that flows from one room to another and informs many of the…

Laura Aldridge: California wow! at Tramway invites sensory impulses

3 Feb 2015

Glasgow-based artist showcases sculptural works through a pink filter

‘More often than not,’ explains Surrey-born, Glasgow-based artist Laura Aldridge, ‘my work is positioned on a precipice of wanting to act upon an impulse, particularly a sensory impulse of wanting to touch and feel and simultaneously be felt by material…

Private View: artist Tom Carlile looks forward to his first solo show in Edinburgh

28 Jan 2015

DJCAD graduate will exhibit work at artist-run space The Number Shop in February 2015

Tom Carlile graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design five years ago. Since then he has exhibited widely across Dundee, participating in shows with Dundee Print Collective, Generator Projects and WASPS. In February, Carlile will…

Manuel Chavajay and Rebecca Wilcox: This Might Be A Place For Hummingbirds

12 Dec 20143 stars

Good work suffers from an overcrowded and badly considered exhibition

Following on from the CCA’s double solo show last year with Mounira al Solh and Sarah Forrest, This Might Be a Place for Hummingbirds presents work by Guatemalan artist Manuel Chavajay and Glasgow-based artist Rebecca Wilcox. The exhibition is…

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The best visual art exhibitions – Oct / Nov 2014

22 Oct 2014

Featuring Nana Shiomi, Jonathan Meese, Tessa Lynch, Thomas Joshua Cooper and Vanessa Billy

Nana Shiomi: Reverse: Universe For her first solo show in Scotland, Japanese artist Nana Shiomi exhibits woodcut prints that reflect on the duality of the east and west. Edinburgh Printmakers, Edinburgh, until Sat 1 Nov. Jonathan Meese: Pump Up…

Preview: Jonathan Meese – Pump Up the Vampire, Pump Up the Vampire, Pump Up the Vampire, Smell!

21 Oct 2014

'Art is the most natural enemy of all ideologies'

‘Meese was invited by (curator) Linsey Young to play the total game of Art in the Glue Factory. Meese will collect most of the work / toys for the „Artevolution“ in Glasgow.’ You’ve never really interviewed someone, even via e-mail, until you’ve…

Preview: Vanessa Billy – Sustain, Sustain

21 Oct 2014

First solo exhibition in Scotland from Swiss artist aims to reconsider preconceptions about everyday

Swiss artist Vanessa Billy creates unlikely conversation pieces, bringing together found objects such as lightbulbs, vitamin pills and rocks with her own elements made in traditional art materials including paper, bronze, concrete, glass and resin. In…

Sculptor Tessa Lynch discusses her new exhibition Café Concrete

14 Oct 2014

‘The premise of the show is the portrait of a city-living artist'

Tessa Lynch’s solo exhibition, Café Concrete, presents work made throughout her year-long graduate fellowship at the Glasgow Sculpture Studios. Lynch will present a series of new sculptures constructed in an industrial manner and she intends the…

Isa Genzken: Botanical Garden

29 Jul 20144 stars

Eccentric sculptural and collage works as part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2014

The frenetic energy that resonates in Isa Genzken’s playful assemblages and eccentric collages has been harnessed by Inverleith House in Botanical Garden, Geznken’s first UK solo show outside of London. The exhibition is both an exhilarating celebration…

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Cabbages in an Orchard: The formers and forms of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Graham Fagen

15 Jul 20144 stars

Highlights of Fagen's responsive GENERATION show include tense, confrontational teeth portraits

Graham Fagen says he fell out with Mackintosh at the Glasgow School of Art. However, when invited back more than 20 years later to spend time in the Mackintosh archive, he discovered he had more in common with the man than he expected. The body of work…

Interview: Glasgow-born sculptor Katie Paterson on her work's place in the world

19 Jun 2014

‘My work as a whole considers our place on Earth in the context of geological time and change’

To hear Glasgow-born artist Katie Paterson discuss her works is to suspect that she may be on a different conceptual level from many of her contemporaries, or certainly that she creates art which strives to really say something, to make its mark as a…

Interview: artist Nathan Coley discusses the revival of his Lamp of Sacrifice show for Generation

22 May 2014

'I don’t have faith in any religion. They’re all as bad as each other'

Faith, and the lack of it, is everywhere in Nathan Coley’s work. For his contribution to Generation, GoMA has chosen to restage The Lamp of Sacrifice, 286 Places of Worship, Edinburgh, for which Coley built miniature cardboard models of every church…

Gareth Moore: Blocked Arch, Deferred Ceremony, Dawn Chorus, Tra-diddle da. Like a fly in slow suspense

14 May 20144 stars

Strong, thoughtful and well-made works somewhat ill-served by needless wrong-footing

Vancouver-based sculptor Gareth Moore seems to have spent his three-month residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios making the most of the local discarded materials, and given the building’s location next to the Forth & Clyde Canal, he’s had plenty to…

Bigert and Bergström: The Weather War

23 Apr 20143 stars

The Swedish duo explore man's attempts to control the weather

Man’s attempt to control the weather is the focus of this exhibition by the Swedish artists Bigert and Bergström. The installation’s focus is a film, which serves as both a walk through the history of the weather and contemporary methods of weather…

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Gabriel Kuri: All probability resolves into form

23 Apr 20143 stars

Kuri's Glasgow International survivalist sculpture show puts a political twist on hard theory

In case of emergency, natural disaster, nuclear fallout or biblical engulfment, Mexican artist Gabriel Kuri is probably a very good man to have on your side. By stocking up on blankets, fire extinguishers, boxes of matches, bottles of water and assorted…

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson among the highlights at Jupiter Artland 2014

22 Apr 2014

Tessa Lynch, Mick Peter and Silvy Weatherall will also be exhibiting works at the sculpture park

Anya Gallaccio, Nathan Coley and Katie Paterson are among the artists who have created new works as part of the 2014 season at Jupiter Artland. The outdoor sculpture park will also be hosting some special exhibits and installations as part of the…

Interview: New York-based artist Dan Colen, on debut Scottish show The Illusion of Life

22 Oct 2013

Colen's work sits at the intersection of postmodern ennui and darkly amusing pop art playfulness

‘The different bodies of my work end themselves when there’s no more discovery to be had,’ says Dan Colen, alumnus of the brash early-2000s downtown Manhattan art scene, whose penchant for using spray paint and chewing gum as materials, and…

Artist Haegue Yang toys with venetian blinds and podcasts in latest exhibition

14 Oct 2013

Journal of Bouba / kiki will run in the Glasgow Sculpture Studios and Norway's Bergen Kunsthall

Born in Seoul and now based in the unofficial international artists' enclave of Berlin, Haegue Yang’s exhibition schedule finally brings her to Scotland, having exhibited extensively around the world. Significantly, this show will also present all-new…

Late French-American artist Louise Bourgeois the subject of two retrospective exhibitions

10 Oct 2013

The sculptor's many themes will be explored in twin shows at the Fruitmarket and SNGoMA

With a career which spanned much of the 20th century, the late French-American artist Louise Bourgeois is such a decisive and significant figure in the contemporary landscape that her retrospective in Edinburgh will require two major shows to support…

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Sara Barker show Patterns set for Jupiter Artland as part of 2013 Edinburgh Art Festival

1 Aug 2013

Ambitious sculpture enclosed in a glass pavilion

Sara Barker combines theoretical complexity with her Glasgow School of Art training to produce delicate sculptural forms and linear structures. Central to her work is the concept of space: the way in which her work relates to its exhibition site, and…

Carla Scott Fullerton: Occupying Forms

11 Jul 2013

Glaswegian artist invites viewer to two-dimensional representation of our industrial environment

Coming from a rural environment, Carla Scott Fullerton’s creative process is inspired by her experience of the contrasting urban landscape. She creates her sculptural work by deconstructing architectural forms and using raw building materials based on…

Ilana Halperin: the Library

3 Jun 20134 stars

Geologically-themed show repurposing museum exhibits as art

Location is everything for this new exhibition by Glasgow-based, New York-raised artist Ilana Halperin, the first recipient of an artist's fellowship at National Museums Scotland. Flying in the face of even the richest modern art's essential…

Nick Evans: Solar Eyes

19 Feb 20135 stars

Monumental sculpture show is genius in its conception and meticulous in execution

One enters the exhibition through a dusky and dramatic pyramid passageway. The suspense of discovery hangs thick in the air before a big volcanic hall is reached. Inside, stories of a distant past echo with predictions of the future. Nick Evans has set…

Lauren Gault's Sweet Ensilage is an ambitious collection of found objects

24 Jan 2013

The Glasgow-based artist creates pieces that explore theories around sight and seeing

The Glasgow-based artist creates objects that explore theories around sight and seeing Lauren Gault’s exhibition title Sweet Ensilage is in a strange way seductively suggestive of a particular state of being: a state of ‘sweet ensilage’. The show draws…