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Cabaret Whore presents . . . La Poule Plombée

31 Aug 20164 stars

French chanteuse with a bit of emotional baggage

La Poule Plombee is Sarah Louise-Young's alternative version of Edith Piaf: sharing her Gallic charm and addiction to tragedy, La Poule, however, is an emotionally manipulative failure, singing her way through self-pity and self-justification. Supported…

Night Bus

14 Aug 20142 stars

Linda Marlowe & Sarah-Louise Young examine the life of a night bus at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Taking the world of late-night transit as their petri dish of humankind, Linda Marlowe and Sarah-Louise Young examine the ragtag lot who take a London bus on any given night through a series of vignettes, using a minimal set and only a handful of props.

Purple pornstar namesake draws us a rather un-sexual picture

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Sarah-Louise Young

Sarah-Louise Young takes on many guises. She's a darling of the cabaret scene, adopting a variety of characters to showcase her many acting and vocal talents. She's also, as it happens, one of our most chipper models to date. And the ukulele? Apparently…

Me! Me! Me!

19 Aug 20104 stars

Join the Vive Le Cabaret team for some shite white win

This lunchtime cabaret-burlesque offering from Des O'Connor (not to be confused with a certain perma-tanned chat show host), Sarah-Louise Young (definitely not the first porn actress to earn more than $1m for a single film, even if she'd welcome the…

Vive Le Cabaret gives nightly Vaudevillian glamour

3 Aug 2010

Willkommen, bienvenue, and welcome to a new nightly cabaret show, hosted by Des O’Connor. But calm yourselves, game show fans, Mister Take Your Pick Des O’Connor is not coming to the Fringe. ‘No, it’s not the orange faced one of the telly,’ points out…

Cabaret Whore

27 Aug 20094 stars

Sex, revenge and Katie Price

The themes of sex, revenge and Katie Price are just some of the topics tackled in Sarah-Louise Young’s all female cabaret show. Performed with passion from the very beginning, Young’s interchanging characters - Southern belle, socially inept librarian…