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The Hot 100 2016: 50–41

2 Nov 2016

Fern Brady, LeithLate, Glasgow Film Festival and Buzzcut among our favourite cultural contributors this year

Discussions have been had, arguments made and counsels taken. But now the talking is over (or perhaps just beginning) as we commence the countdown to reveal who is the hottest of the hot among this year's Scottish cultural community.

Robbie Coltrane to star in Jimmy Savile-inspired drama

22 Jan 2016

TV gossip

Robbie Coltrane is set to star as a disgraced comedian in a TV drama inspired by the historic sex cases that involved Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris. The Scottish actor will portray fictional character Paul Finchley in the series titled 'National…

Effie Gray

7 Oct 20143 stars

Victorian biopic featuring Dakota Fanning alongside screenwriter Emma Thompson

Delayed by two years due to legal wranglings surrounding Emma Thompson's screenplay, director Richard Laxton's period piece focuses on the early life of Euphemia 'Effie' Gray (Dakota Fanning), a young Scottish woman who marries older art critic John…

Hot 100 2012: Brave

11 Dec 2012

Pixar's first foray onto Scottish soil was one of the cultural events of the year

Just casting a glance over the 2012 edition of our annual Hot 100, you can see how pervasive Brave’s influence is. Kelly Macdonald (Hot 100 #3) and Billy Connolly (#51) took leading roles as Highland princess Merida and her father King Fergus;…

Robbie Coltrane to star in Yes, Prime Minister remake

12 Sep 2012

TV Gossip

Robbie Coltrane is to appear in a remake of 'Yes, Prime Minister'. The 62-year-old actor will play a "very key part" in an episode about Scottish independence in the rebooted political sitcom and Darren Childs, UKTV's CEO, is delighted that the…

Death Watch

16 May 20124 stars

Well-deserved re-issue of Bertrand Tavernier's prescient Glasgow-set sci-fi thriller

Its plot is a credibility stretch even in these days of de rigueur media paranoia, and its relentlessly murky, moody tone might raise the odd giggle, but Tavernier’s long-neglected sci-fi curiosity is compelling nonetheless. Romy Schneider plays…

Search for those involved in Glasgow-shot 1980 film Death Watch

16 Jan 2012

Bertrand Tavernier's reality TV film set for 2012 Glasgow Film Festival

Glasgow Film Festival are appealing for anyone who worked on Bertrand Tavernier's film Death Watch in 1979 to get in touch before it is screened in February. Death Watch was filmed in Glasgow in 1979 and will be shown in cinemas nationwide this…

Preview of 2012 - Brave

6 Jan 2012

Pixar’s highland fling has a lot of heart

After dropping the ball with Cars 2 last summer – the only one of their 12 feature-length releases so far to have been deemed a bit lacklustre – the award-winning animation house will be looking to score big again with Brave. Set in the misty and…

New Pixar film Brave set in Scottish highlands

17 Nov 2011

Stars Kelly MacDonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson and Robbie Coltrane

Pixar – the CG animation powerhouse behind hits such as Finding Nemo, Up and Wall-E – are turning their attention to Scottish shores for their next feature, Brave. Due to be released on Fri 22 Jun 2012, it stars Kelly Macdonald as the voice of Merida, a…

Looking back on 25 years of commentary on Scottish culture

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

A lot has happened in 25 years of Scottish culture. Niki Boyle gives a blow-by-blow account of the major events

The Brothers Bloom

28 May 20104 stars

(12A) 113min In 2005, writer/director Rian Johnson transplanted ‘40s film noir to the modern high school and came up with Brick, an exhilarating debut that announced his arrival as a filmmaker of singular vision in no uncertain terms. For his…