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Abandoman (AKA Rob Broderick) – Pirate Radio

2 Nov 20184 stars

Improvised musical comedy at its most raucous and inspired

The thought of a happier stage presence in live comedy than Irishman Rob Broderick seems almost implausible. Smiling from first moment to last, there's a joie de vivre about the one-man improvisational music machine that is infectious, as he takes…

12 of the best Fringe comedians to see on tour

21 Aug 2018

Catch these 4 and 5 star rated shows around the UK in 2018/2019

Entering the final week of the Fringe and realising you missed some of the best comedy around? No problem, a host of comedians, both critically acclaimed and on the rise, are preparing to take their shows on the road following successful Fringe runs.

My Comedy Hero: Rob Broderick on Jason Byrne

6 Oct 2017

As adlibbing rap duo Abandoman take their Life + Rhymes across the UK, Rob Broderick picks another Irish improviser as his comic idol

When I was 17 a friend and I got into live comedy. Because we were underage we overcompensated so he'd wear a huge woolly arran jumper and I'd wear a long trenchcoat: we looked like we were wearing the clothing of our grandfathers. Des Bishop and Dara Ó…

Abandoman: Hot Desk

11 Aug 20144 stars

Thoroughly entertaining and impressive hip hop improv show at Edinburgh Fringe

It seems that P Diddy has so little to do with his time that he has captured hip hop improvisers Rob Broderick and his band and set them the task of writing him a new album brimming with hits. Whether Diddy knows about this plan is beside the point.

Abandoman: giving the less than beloved musical comedy genre a very good name

15 May 2014

Rob Broderick and co present a full-scale improv hip hop space musical

Musical comedy: who wants that? After all, it’s pretty much sitting at the lowest rung on the laugh-making ladder. Only the over-talented likes of Bill Bailey, Bo Burnham and David O’Doherty seem capable of breathing life into that hoary old sub-genre.

The Wrestling

18 Aug 20115 stars

Anarchic night of body-slamming action and comedy

Max Olesker is some sort of twisted genius. The former wrestler (under the nom de guerre Max Voltage) and one half of sketch duo Max and Ivan has combined two of his talents to create one of the best events on the Fringe. Not that his cohort Ivan…

Abandoman - Pic ‘n’ Mixtape

27 Jul 2010

Destined to be among the Fringe’s most popular draws, rapping improvisers Abandoman have to be seen

‘It’s lovely when a hip hop audience sees us,’ says genial frontman Rob Broderick. ‘Two lads wander out, one with a guitar, the other with an Irish accent, and you can tell they’re thinking, “this is going to be a disaster”. But then we start and they…